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Guard Your Mouth and Overall Well-being with Preventive Dentistry Services

Although our team at Dentistry On 10 loves the challenge of complex restorative procedures, we’d prefer if preventive dentistry stopped every cavity, infection, and tooth loss before it even happened. We know you prefer this, too. Preventive dentistry wards off oral issues from cropping up, saving you pain and costly and time-consuming restorative treatments. Dr. Rina Kotecha and her associates in Mississauga, Ontario, offer numerous preventive dentistry treatments to keep your smile issue-free.  Enjoy our preventive dental care services for a healthy smile Most dental issues are preventable when you take proper measures. At home, we expect you to brush and floss daily to keep your mouth … Continue reading

The Benefits of Restoring Your Smile with Porcelain Crowns

The news that you need a dental crown can seem unfortunate, but porcelain crowns can restore your tooth’s appearance and health to its pre-damage self. When expertly placed by the team at Dentistry On 10 in Mississauga, Ontario, porcelain crowns can make all the difference in your smile. We use this treatment to restore your smile’s esthetics and tooth function using beautiful, durable restorations that support your oral health for many years.  Why porcelain crowns are preferred A crown is a tooth-shaped appliance that covers your tooth’s visible part to boost its appearance and structure. Unlike dental veneers, dental crowns encase your entire … Continue reading

Five Benefits of Transforming Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

For someone with minor chips, gaps, stains, or slight misalignment in their teeth, dental veneers from Dentistry On 10 can help them achieve a perfect, camera-ready smile. Are you looking to rejuvenate your smile with porcelain veneers in Mississauga, Ontario? You’re on the right track!  Dental veneers can give you a complete smile transformation without the time and complications of involving treatments. They are a highly sought-after cosmetic dental solution. Why you should consider porcelain veneers to rejuvenate your smile Dental veneers are super-thin porcelain coverings installed on the front teeth to perfect your smile. Dr. Rina Kotecha and associates use porcelain veneers to … Continue reading

Quality Dental Care is Built on a Foundation of Regular Dental Exams

At Dentistry On 10, we emphasize a proactive dental care approach to stay ahead of your oral health. By visiting Dr. Rina Kotecha and her associates every six months, we can help you and your family to prevent the onset and progression of various oral health problems. We have the skills and experience to offer comprehensive preventive dentistry services, including dental exams, regular teeth cleaning, and personalized patient education.  What to expect during your oral exam When you visit us for the first time, we take the opportunity to get to know you personally and look into your medical history to establish a baseline for your … Continue reading

A Dentist for Wisdom Teeth Removal Shares Tips for Post-surgery Care

Wisdom teeth are the last set to erupt in your mouth. Since they are common for persons aged between 17 and 21, wisdom teeth are likely to cause problems because there isn’t enough room for them. These latecomers may pressure other healthy teeth, resulting in pain and shifting. Although you can live a healthy life with wisdom teeth, removing them is always an excellent idea because you never know when they will brew trouble.  Are you looking for an experienced dentist for wisdom teeth removal in Mississauga, Ontario? You are in the right place. Although wisdom teeth removal qualifies as … Continue reading

Orthodontic Services from your Family Dentist

You are looking at the mirror, and you don’t like the alignment of your teeth. You wish your smile were a bit straighter to complement your beautiful face. You’ve thought about orthodontic treatment, but the idea of train track braces puts you off. Does this sound like you? Your dream of a straight, healthy smile is now possible without conventional braces. Innovative dental offices like Dentistry on 10 in Mississauga, Ontario, use Invisalign — a braceless method to straighten your smile with comfort, speed, and convenience.  What to expect with Invisalign Traditional braces straighten your teeth by using wire-connected brackets … Continue reading

Cosmetic Bridges are Affordable and Worth It

Dental bridges at Dentistry On 10, Mississauga, provide an artificial replacement for teeth that are missing, typically involving more than one tooth. Ideally, a bridge works by attaching to neighbouring, existing natural teeth that are still anchored in place and healthy. A bridge can immediately restore the natural appearance and reverse the jawline damage that eventually happens due to the loss of dental pressure regularly exerted by a healthy set of teeth. Read on to learn more about dental bridges, their costs and benefits. Many Patients Can Obtain Dental Bridges. No One is Left Out There tends to be an impression that dental bridges … Continue reading

Broken Tooth? Don’t Delay Getting Dental Crown Treatment

Dental crowns can serve both cosmetic and restorative purposes. Tooth damage from decay or traumatic dental injury can be repaired with teeth crown treatment. Fractured or broken teeth have a greater risk of getting infected. Dental crowns form a protective barrier around your teeth to keep this decay and infection at bay. Prompt dental crown treatment from Dentistry On 10 in Mississauga can preserve a compromised tooth and extend its lifespan. How Dental Crowns Work  Dental crowns are tooth-shaped metal, ceramic or porcelain coverings placed over damaged teeth to strengthen and stabilize their structure. Your Mississauga dentist may use a crown to repair … Continue reading

Importance of Extracting Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If the thought of tooth extraction has your stomach in knots, take heart. You’re not alone. Many people have a misconception about tooth extraction, particularly when it comes to removing wisdom teeth. Contrary to popular opinion, however, wisdom teeth removal is not a complicated, painful treatment. This dental procedure is performed under anesthesia, so patients feel no pain or discomfort during their treatment. If your wisdom teeth are causing problems due to being impacted, you can come to Dentistry On 10 in Mississauga, Ontario, for safe, pain-free wisdom teeth extraction services.  Risks of Impacted Wisdom Teeth Wisdom teeth are often referred to … Continue reading

Top Benefits of Invisalign Orthodontics

Smiling comes easy for those with perfectly aligned teeth. However, if you have crooked or misaligned teeth, you’re more likely to keep your smile hidden. Through Invisalign orthodontics, Dr. Rina Kotecha can transform your crooked smile into one of perfection and beauty. A visit to Dentistry On 10 in Mississauga, Ontario, is the first step to achieving straighter, healthier teeth. Traditional Braces or Invisalign: What’s the Difference? Both braces and Invisalign are effective at straightening crooked teeth. Most people find Invisalign a less invasive and more convenient treatment. In place of the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces, Invisalign uses … Continue reading

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Dental Bridge Testimonial

So, tell us a little bit about you know what problem you were having before you came to dentistry on 10. Okay, my problem was that that I had my dentures for 30 years and then when I came to dentistry on 10, I met Doctor Rena you know for the first time she talked to me you know and I voiced all my problem and I was so glad you know that he listened to me for the first time, that this doctor, you know is so very national emotionally I. I was so impressed of what the caring he did to me and that the her hand is so gentle and that’s why I’ll never forget her, you know, and I as a woman like I mean we have the similarity like and that’s what I just said like about this you know when the first came in here and what she did for my teeth of course, you know. And you know, before you when you had your dentures and you know before she changed it, how was that affecting you in your life? Of course, you know it affects my, and I don’t have any confidence on myself and I don’t even smile you know, then want to open my mouth I’m always like for a long time. For 30 years I’ve always put my hands on my mouth and I don’t my mouth and I don’t want to smile at all. You know, that’s my problem. And now? And now I will never stop, you know, smiling, you know and always thinking of her and how I felt good about myself now. I felt good about myself and I thank you know doctor Rena and although you’re stopping here at dentistry on 10, they are so nice so nice. Okay, and would you recommend us to others? Course I do. I tell friends you know that the experience I have, you know, and I know some friends of mine now of course, they believe in me because of this experience I had with them to doctor Rena. Okay, thank you so much. You are welcome. I I always have this, you know, as to rated this dental office, it’s one to 10. It’s a 10. It’s always a thumbs up for me. To everyone, of course you know, I will recommend this to everyone you know. Thank you

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