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If you are considering whitening your smile to boost and rejuvenate it, you will find that teeth whitening products are abundantly available. However, when considering whitening products, you should also consider quality. Dentistry On 10 offers medical-grade whitening products that are much more efficient in improving patient smiles quickly and easily. Patients can visit Dentistry On 10 to enjoy in-office teeth whitening and at-home whitening systems.

In-office teeth whitening

When a patient wants a brighter smile fast, in-office teeth bleaching is often the service of choice. This professional whitening service allows patients to whiten their teeth in one appointment at the dental office under the care of a dental professional. At Dentistry On 10, we offer an in-office whitening treatment that uses whitening lamps or lasers to enhance the whitening gel’s efficiency and provide high-quality whitening results. In about an hour, patients walk out of the dental practice with a brilliantly beautiful smile!

At-home teeth whitening

If you would rather bleach your teeth in your own home, Dr. Kotecha and her associates offer at-home teeth whitening kits. These involve custom-made whitening trays that patients use with supplied whitening gel every day for improved results over the course of one to two weeks. Patients can also use these whitening kits regularly to maintain the results.

There are other over-the-counter products that can be used in conjunction with professional-grade whitening products available at Dentistry On 10. These are all readily available for patients who want to contribute to their professional whitening and maintain results over time.

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At a young age, our teeth are healthy and white, but over time the enamel coating the tooth is slowly. Worn down, causing our teeth to become stained and yellow, which is why teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular today. There are a few methods for whitening. They include at home and in office. With in office treatments, you’ll see faster results received. The safest treatment for bleaching the teeth and yield the whitest smile. So don’t settle for teeth that have become stained from years of coffee, drinking tobacco use or just ageing. Ask your dentist about whitening options that may be right for you.

Paint-on teeth whiteners

These whitening products are often less expensive than other whitening methods but can be used in conjunction with other whitening products with dentist approval.

Teeth whitening strips

Whitening strips are a popular whitening option, and use strips of hydrogen peroxide that are applied to the teeth for approximately 30 minutes twice a day.

Whitening toothpaste

There are several over-the-counter toothpastes that offer whitening capabilities. While whitening alone will not be obtained from usage, it can remove surface stains and mildly improve the shade of your teeth.

Whitening mouthwash

Mouthwashes with whitening abilities often remove food particles from the teeth to improve whitening results.

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So, I came to Doctor Reena after I found her as a five-star rating on Google after I was looking for a new dentist and I felt that coming after here I’ve been more diligent. I’ve been actually you know, looking for the specific spots that she’s been telling me to, to, keep on, and she helped prevent some gum disease that I was about to have, especially towards my time with my wedding and she helped me get a whitening afterwards as well. The staff here are competent. They’re very diligent. They’re very on point and do a great job and that’s why I want to continue coming here every time. 

“ I came to Dr. Rina after I found her 5-star rating on Google. The staff here are very intelligent and on-point and that's why I want to continue coming here. ”

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Dr. Rina Kotecha is a graduate of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. She possesses 19 years of expertise in the dentistry field specializing in general dentistry. She has further qualifications from the MGE Executive Training Program and Master Implant Training Program while holding certification in Soft Tissue Management Program by DenMat. She completed the Rondeau Seminars in Level I Orthodontics and she is an active member of the Ontario Dental Association and Ontario Dental Implant Network.