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How Wisdom Teeth Removal Works: The Process and Recovery Tips

Wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt, usually when a person is between 17 and 21 years old. Since wisdom teeth come in late when other teeth have erupted, there is typically insufficient space for healthy eruption. As a result, wisdom teeth may cause overcrowding, pain, infections, and other problems.

Getting Out Wisdom Teeth in Mississauga ON area

Don’t live with problematic wisdom teeth. Dentistry On 10 in Mississauga, Ontario, offers wisdom teeth extraction services to support optimal oral health. Whether you need a simple or surgical dental extraction, you can trust Dr. Rina Kotecha and the team for expert care.

How wisdom teeth are removed

Not all wisdom teeth need removal. Some patients have lived with wisdom teeth for many years without issues. However, removal is the best course of action if your wisdom teeth cause pain or compromise the integrity of other oral structures.

The process of removing wisdom teeth depends on whether it’s impacted or fully erupted. A simple extraction is sufficient if your troublesome wisdom tooth has broken through the gums. After anesthetizing your gums, the dentist uses unique skills and tools to pull out the tooth from its socket.

If your wisdom tooth is trapped in the gums (impacted), the dentist will remove it surgically. After numbing your gums with anesthetics, the dentist will gently incise your gums and bone to access the impacted tooth. Then, the doctor will break it into pieces to minimize trauma to the surrounding structures. The final step is to clean and suture the surgical site to kickstart healing.

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Healing after wisdom teeth removal

Immediately after surgery, restrain from participating in physical activities to allow healing. Furthermore, take your antibiotics and painkillers as directed to manage infections and pain, respectively. Be careful not to bite your cheeks and lips when your mouth is still numb. 

Other aftercare instructions include:

  • Eat soft foods and gradually transition to solid foods as you heal
  • Observe optimal oral hygiene to prevent oral infections
  • Avoid disturbing the surgical site to prevent dislodging the clot
  • Use a cold compress to manage swelling and pain
  • Avoid smoking until you heal
  • Call your dentist when you notice increased or prolonged pain, swelling, and bleeding

Looking for wisdom teeth extraction services in Mississauga, Ontario? You can entrust your smile to Dentistry On 10! 

Dr. Kotecha and the team offer gentle yet effective extractions to restore oral health. Call (905) 455-9262 to schedule an appointment today! 

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