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Father's Day Invisalign Special
Father's Day Dental Implants Special
Father's Day Teeth Whitening Special
Father's Day Mouth Gurads Special
Father's Day Dr. Rina's Gift
Summer Special Offer - 1, 
 Dentistry On 10, ON
Summer Special Offer - 2, Dentistry On 10, ON

Guess the Service – May Giveaway

April Giveaway - Dentistry On 10, ON

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April Giveaway 2 - Dentistry On 10, ON

Can you guess this service?
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5 Star Reviews

Our Happy Patients Say

Procedure - Teeth Cleaning Testimonial

Hi my name is Edgar and my patient here at Doctor Rena’s office with Associates have been coming to this clinic for over 2 years now And I find it very convenient because it’s near to my home coming in here It’s very warm and welcome. I like the atmosphere Doctor Rena put nice paintings on the Wall and then when you come. In you feel like you’re home because she has a a TV mounted on. The wall and You just Come in and relax for a while, while, you wait so that way you won’t get bored and it’s just easier way your you’re, your, nervousness or fear. If you have the fear as a child that as I’m going to the dentist. And did you have any problem with your teeth before you came to us? Only problem is that I, I, have no pain, just that I was Due for cleaning. So, I was very glad that that happened. So that way I can able to have my teeth cleaned because sometimes when you’re so busy in the life you have no time to take care of yourself. So, I’m glad that I came today and, and, what is Important to you in a dental office? Well, I pointed to a dental office that dumb Coming in here you feel comfortable. The staff will welcome you. With great and happy smiles. That way when you come in here as a new patient, or if you’re having a bad day, be accepted like, like, you, you take away Your, your, , your problems or something Like that angriness. And how did you feel about your treatment today? Today I feel good, I feel. Like a new person. Thanks to my hygienist she was able to clean my teeth with the feeling just her gentle hands and I didn’t feel no pain today and I’m so glad. And would you recommend us to others? Yes, because like I said in the beginning, when you come in here, it’s so friendly, a family, family, oriented place and have television that way when you come in, you, you, you, don’t sit down and feel bored or you think oh what’s going to happen to me today. You get to watch televisions and we should have a, a, movie going on. Okay, thank you so much. Thank you. You are welcome.

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