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When is a Dental Crown Appropriate? Dentistry On 10 Explains

A custom-fitted crown is one of the best ways to restore a tooth with extensive decay or damage. Dr. Rina Kotecha of Dentistry On 10 in Mississauga, Ontario, offers dental crowns made from one of the most revered materials in dentistry: Porcelain. 

Tooth Crown Services in Mississauga area

Porcelain crowns are durable and simulate the natural translucency of the enamel for a lifelike look. Moreover, porcelain crowns are biocompatible; hence, unlike metal crowns, they don’t react with the body.

Why you may need dental crown services

A dental crown is recommended for cosmetic purposes or for restoring a tooth. Sometimes called a cap, a dental crown encases the entire tooth from the gum line level and becomes the new outer portion of the tooth. 

A dental crown has several functional and cosmetic uses. Some include:

  • Restoring a broken or decayed tooth: Once your tooth is damaged or decayed and a filling is insufficient, we recommend a crown to protect the tooth from infections and further damage. A dental crown provides a structural reinforcement to ensure it continues to function for many years
  • Capping off a dental implant: An endosteal implant has three components. A titanium post is surgically placed in the jawbone to act as an artificial root. Above the implant, we attach an abutment that protrudes through the gum line. The final part is a dental crown that becomes the visible and functional part of your new tooth
  • Securing a dental bridge: A dental bridge consists of one or more prosthetic teeth (pontics) custom-designed to fit the toothless gap. Traditional bridges are anchored by healthy teeth (abutments) on either side of the gap. The abutment teeth are secured with dental crowns to provide optimal support
  • Protecting a tooth after a root canal: A root canal saves your tooth from extraction by flushing out the infected pulp chamber of the tooth. While a filling can restore your tooth after a root canal, a crown is preferable if the tooth is significantly weakened
  • To disguise esthetically challenged teeth: The dentist can place a porcelain cap on a deeply stained tooth or a misshapen tooth to improve its aesthetics

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Your smile is yours forever, and we want to make it as healthy and beautiful as it can be. 

If you have a damaged, decayed, or cosmetically unappealing tooth, please call (905) 455-9262 to schedule an appointment with Dentistry On 10 for high-quality dental crowns.

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