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Many patients hear the word “dentures” and automatically think of their grandparent’s dentures floating in a glass on their bedside table. However, dentures have changed dramatically over the years, and they have been greatly improved with advanced technologies. Full dentures aren’t the only type of denture a patient may have. Partial dentures also play an important role in restoring smiles after tooth loss.

Full and partial dentures are very different. Although they both replace teeth in a patient’s smile, this is where the similarities end. Full dentures are used to restore an entire arch of teeth. These dentures include acrylic gums and teeth, and they may be stabilized with dental implants. They can be used to replace the upper, lower, or both arches, depending on the patient’s needs. Partial dentures are attached to a metal frame that connects to your natural teeth in the dental arch for stability and strength. These are used when patients are missing one or several teeth within a dental arch.

Dentures are considered a temporary restoration for many, as they are not permanent and require extra care and attention. Dentures are removed for cleaning and must always be kept moist when not in use. Patients must brush and care for these teeth as they would their natural teeth and many do not like the daily reminder of tooth loss. However, they are great for patients considering long-term solutions such as dental bridges or dental implants, or for those who are on a tight budget.

Before and after using dentures
Dentures treatment to replace loose and eroded teeth from gum disease.
Simple and less expensive solution to get the smile you always wanted !

Dr. Kotecha and the team at Dentistry On 10 are proud to offer full and partial dentures for the restoration of smiles. Adults of all ages can benefit from dentures, and many find that they are an acceptable way of improving their smiles without the upfront expense of alternative treatments. Patients considering dentures or other restorative solutions should contact Dr. Kotecha and her associates of Denstistry on 10 and schedule an initial consultation appointment to have any questions or concerns addressed before undergoing the process of receiving full or partial dentures.

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“ Before I came to Dr. Rina I didn't have any confidence in myself and I didn't want to smile or open my mouth... Now I can't stop smiling ”

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“Very helpful and amazing doctor and the staff. I was so nervous because I had to do two extractions due to rotten teeth. I am very scared of needles but doctor Rina made me so comfortable and she made sure I am ready for it. She put the numbing cream first so I can calm down and within two mins she was done with the extraction. She is a wonderful doctor. I didn’t feel anything during the whole procedure. Her clinic staff is super helpful and friendly. Honestly, I have never seen any doctor and her/his staff as helpful as these guys are. I highly recommend them.”

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