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Teeth Extractions

There are times in which a patient may require the extraction of a tooth. This happens for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few examples of when extractions may be necessary:


In instances when patients are undergoing orthodontic treatment, they may be dealing with issues such as overcrowding. When insufficient room in the mouth is causing concerns, extractions may be necessary to make room to align the existing teeth.


Patients who have let periodontal disease go untreated may require the extraction of natural teeth. They may become loose due to the loss of bone structure, and extracting the teeth can be followed by reconstructive treatments such as dental bridges, dental implants, or dentures.


Tooth decay that spreads to the dental pulp may cause an infection. While many dentists may be able to save a tooth by performing a root canal treatment, it is not always a 100 percent guarantee that the natural tooth can be saved. These teeth may need to be extracted and restored with cosmetic treatments.

Wisdom Teeth

Young  man having tooth ache

Wisdom teeth are notorious for being problematic for teenagers and young adults. They may become impacted, misaligned, or fail to erupt fully, and cause pain and discomfort in the back of the mouth. Extracting the teeth, which may require oral surgery, can eliminate the problem and bring the mouth back to a high standard of oral health.

Dr. Kotecha and Dr. Gunjan, of Dentistry On 10, consult with patients to determine if extraction is necessary. The extraction procedure is relatively quick, and sedation may be used during the treatment. After a tooth has been removed, the existing teeth can shift out of place and negatively affect a patient’s bite. Dr. Kotecha and Dr. Gunjan discuss the benefits of restoring the extracted tooth as soon as possible to maintain a beautiful, fully functional smile.

If you believe that you may need an extraction, it is time to contact a professional to assist you in making an educated decision in regards to your dental health. Dr. Kotecha and Dr. Gunjan of Dentistry On 10 are happy to assist new and existing patients with their dental concerns, and provide extractions when appropriate.

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