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Emergency Dentistry

If an emergency dental situation arises, it is crucial that you contact Dr. Kotecha and her associates as soon as possible. When instances occur after business hours, we have our emergency line that allows you to contact our on-call staff for assistance. However, if you are unable to reach us for any reason during a true emergency, you are encouraged to dial 911.

Our practice is here to help you at any time on any day when your oral health is at risk. We do everything possible to ensure that you are treated as soon as possible and are provided assistance when you need it most. While dental emergencies are rare and unexpected, they can happen to anyone. Knowing that you have a dental practice that is on your side when they occur is a great relief for most families.

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Dental emergencies are situations that occur and result in damage or pain in the mouth. Here are some common dental emergencies that can happen, and ways to immediately address them:

  • Trauma to a tooth that results in breakage – Over-the-counter dental wax can be purchased and applied over the tooth to protect it until you can visit Dr. Kotecha and her associates for assistance. A crown may be needed to cover and strengthen the tooth.
  • Lost fillings or restorations – If possible, use over-the-counter dental bonding to hold the restoration in place until you can get to the dental office for replacement.
  • Severely biting the lip, tongue, or cheek – Thoroughly clean the area and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling and pain until you can get to Dentistry On 10.
  • Broken jaw – When a broken jaw is suspected, a cold compress should be applied to the area to reduce swelling and a visit to the dentist or hospital should be made immediately.
  • Adult teeth have been knocked out or lost – Rinse the tooth and replace it back into the socket if possible; otherwise, place the tooth in milk and get to the dentist as soon as possible.
  • Objects caught between the teeth that cannot be removed – Try to dislodge the item with floss, but avoid cutting the gums trying to remove it. If not possible, contact Dr. Kotecha and her associates.
  • Toothache and severe pain or discomfort in the mouth – Floss the tooth and make sure there is no debris caught around it. Take an over-the-counter medication to ease the pain until a visit to the dentist can be arranged.

Accidents happen, and our team of experts is here to help. Dr. Kotecha and her associates of Dentistry On 10 is committed to her patient’s health and well-being, and is dedicated to ensuring they are comfortable and treated as soon as possible when dental emergencies happen. Call Dentistry On 10 today to learn more about her emergency dentistry services, and find out how her team can be of assistance if the unexpected occurs.

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“Definitely giving dentistry on 10 a 5 star rating! I have deprived myself of dental care over the last few years and was extremely anxious to go due to pain in a tooth of mine! They were able to help me effortlessly with a much needed root canal which caused 0 pain I am extremely thrilled.They explained each step to me and made sure I was completely comfortable while proceeding. The office is extremely clean and cosy. The front staff are extremely helpful and I am always seen on time for my appointments! Will definitely be doing more dental work at dentistry on 10!”

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