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Invisalign is a wonderfully effective orthodontic treatment that provides straighter teeth to patients who need them. While traditional braces rely on bulky and uncomfortable metal wires and brackets, Invisalign can provide results through comfortable aligners. Patients who comply with this treatment system have provided very positive feedback about this effective treatment. Invisalign has proven to be effective for both teens and adults.

Why Should You Choose Invisalign?

When you compare Invisalign to traditional orthodontics, it quickly becomes evident how many unique and incredible benefits Invisalign offers over metal braces. The aligners used throughout the Invisalign treatment are easily removable, clear, and comfortable. When patients need to eat or drink, they can merely remove their clear aligners. That allows them to eat whatever they want instead of the restrictive diet necessary when wearing metallic braces. Brushing and flossing are so much easier too, which facilitates good oral health throughout the treatment. Patients do not need to worry about food particles becoming stuck as they would with braces since you can remove the aligners before eating. These food particles could become trapped in metal braces causing cavities. Since Invisalign trays do not utilize any metal, they are incredibly comfortable and easily worn. Patients will need to visit the dentist far fewer times since adjustments are not necessary. And our virtual treatment plan makes it very easy for patients to visualize final results.

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How Does Invisalign Work?

Patients are given a series of numbered aligner trays, each to be worn for two weeks before changing to the next aligner in the series. Each week the teeth will gradually move toward their final positions. You will visit Dr. Kotecha and her associates every six weeks to ensure that treatment proceeds as expected. Most will have a new smile in about one year. The number of trays in the series varies for each patient as each dental situation is unique.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Many variables are used to define the final cost of treatment. Each smile is different and needs customized treatment. But Invisalign is often comparable in price to traditional orthodontics. Dr. Kotecha offers payment plans and financing alternatives to make it more convenient for patients to afford treatment. With low or no down payment options, patients can consider the financial plan that is most suitable for their budget. Most patients pay less monthly for Invisalign than they do for their monthly cellular phone plan. Some may have dental insurance that would cover the cost of Invisalign orthodontic treatments or at least a portion of the final price. The team at Dentistry On 10 will discuss with you if your dental insurance provides coverage for orthodontics or not.

At Dentistry On 10, Dr. Kotecha and her associates are certified, Invisalign providers. They are happy to help their patients achieve a more beautiful smile without the burden of traditional orthodontics. Over a million people in the United States have enjoyed the benefits of Invisalign and are extremely happy with the results they have gained.

If you are a patient considering Invisalign orthodontics for yourself or your teenager, call Dentistry On 10 today at (905) 455-9262 to set up a consultation appointment and learn about the advantages of Invisalign provides over traditional orthodontic treatments.

Invisalign Videos

Best Friends

Best Friends video

Now it was fun to do together because you have those awkward moments when you’re going to a meal with friends and you have to take them out you’re like kind of share that glance across the table and you are so excited, most like people say, did you try to hide them from and I never tried to hide them. What’s great about Invisalign is that every two weeks you put new ones in. So, you see such a change in those two weeks. My boyfriend at the time made a comment. He saw my aligner sitting on the bathroom counter. We had this really funny, quizzical look on his face and he kind of looked in. He goes, you know I never realised how sticky Audi your teeth were. So, he’s was like how do You know it’s like and he was like now he’s was a huge difference now, but he’s like I was looking at this thing of where you started and it Never occurred with me. Boyfriends are the first ones to say, like when I wanted to do it my boyfriend was like you’re crazy. You’re beautiful. You don’t need it right, and then when he saw the difference and the transformation he was like Oh my God, , I can’t believe those with your teeth. It’s like a whole different story. Oh God, it’s like the truest mirror of the drama of the transformation. 

News Travel Fast

News Travel Fast video

I I seem kind of cheesy, but. How’s my smile looking? Good, notice anything about it? Straight, Oh good. I’m wearing invisible braces. You are? Can’t see it. No no no, I never knew. Well, they’re invisible unless you know, unless you know somebody says hey, look very, very closely at my teeth. I can see it now. Now you can see it. Yeah, I. I’m a dentist and I really believe in this product actually. They have. From people that have them and they wear all the time and nobody really knows, but. I don’t think anybody knows when wear them. I will. That makes me very happy and you look like you don’t need him anyway. That’s the point that these are doing their job. 

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Lobby Video

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Our Patient Love us Vishal Mississauga, ON

Hi, my name is Danika and I just wanted to tell you about my amazing experience at dentistry on 10 with my Invisalign. Although you’re seeing the end result right now, when I started it did not look like this. I had a crazy overbite and my teeth literally looked like confusion. But thankfully I was here with Doctor Rena and everybody at dentistry on 10 and they took my case very seriously. And the details was, just out of this world. The step by step instructions and just being able to call in ask questions and have them here as 24/7 support was probably the best part of this whole experience and to not have to go the braces route and to feel comfortable to take out my Invisalign to eat and just the whole process was I can’t even put into words how appreciative and thankful I am that I took this step and I recommend everybody else to do the same and you’ll get crazy, crazy, results and you won’t regret it. So, thank you everyone at dentistry on 10 and thank you Doctor Rena so much. 

“ Being able to call in, ask questions and have them here as 24/7 support was probably the best part of this whole experience ”

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Meet Dr. Rina Kotecha

Dr. Rina Kotecha is a graduate of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. She possesses 19 years of expertise in the dentistry field specializing in general dentistry. She has further qualifications from the MGE Executive Training Program and Master Implant Training Program while holding certification in Soft Tissue Management Program by DenMat. She completed the Rondeau Seminars in Level I Orthodontics and she is an active member of the Ontario Dental Association and Ontario Dental Implant Network.