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A happy and confident smile is usually a straight and correctly aligned smile. When teeth are out of place, many people feel self-conscious, or even awkward, causing them to hide their smiles behind their hands, their hair, or closed lips. Thankfully there are many orthodontic solutions that can be used to address crooked or misaligned teeth. Dr. Rina Kotecha of Dentistry on 10 has been helping her patients correct their alignment and improve their smiles for many years. She offers a wide range of solutions so that each patient has access to the best treatment for his or her individual situation.

While solutions like braces and Invisalign work well for patients who don’t have problems with their bite, patients who have a protruding jaw (which can give the appearance of the front teeth being shifted too far forward) may need Twin Block appliances.

Twin Block appliances , Before after

Twin Blocks are a two-part appliance that includes an upper and lower piece that work together to shift the jaw into its proper place using a screw mechanism. It can also be used to widen the arch of the mouth. While it can be used on patients of any age, it’s most often used with children who are still growing. When an underdeveloped jaw or arch is identified early, the treatment is faster and more effective. When used with children, this is often the first step of orthodontic treatment and is followed by braces and a retainer.

While the process of orthodontic treatment, including the Twin Block appliance, may not be fun, patients should not feel any pain. There may be some discomfort in the first several days, however, it will go away as long as the appliances are being worn properly. They should be worn at all times, including while sleeping and eating. Patients are often nervous about eating and speaking with the appliance. This too will become more comfortable after the first several days. In those first days, patients are advised to eat soft foods until they become accustomed to the appliance. Dr. Kotecha reminds patients that the Twin Blocks will need to be used for several months until the jaw is properly aligned. Therefore, it’s worth getting through the first couple of days of discomfort.

For more information on Twin Block appliances, call Dr. Kotecha at Dentistry on 10.

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Dr. Rina Kotecha is a graduate of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. She possesses 19 years of expertise in the dentistry field specializing in general dentistry. She has further qualifications from the MGE Executive Training Program and Master Implant Training Program while holding certification in Soft Tissue Management Program by DenMat. She completed the Rondeau Seminars in Level I Orthodontics and she is an active member of the Ontario Dental Association and Ontario Dental Implant Network.