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General dentist explains the importance of Consultations for planning your Dental Care

When you think about going to the dentist, taking x-rays and having your teeth cleaned are likely what first comes to mind. But did you know that the consultation is just as important? Whether you are having a routine checkup or discussing more advanced treatment for oral health problems or cosmetic issues, a consultation with your dentist is an essential part of maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile. At Dentistry On 10 in Mississauga, Ontario, general dentist Dr. Rina Kotecha views dental consultations as a vital component of your care planning. What happens during a dental consultation? Dental consultations are tailored to your specific needs … Continue reading

What family dental care means to patients in Port Credit

Port Credit has shown tremendous growth in recent times. In fact, the population of the greater Mississauga area has doubled in the last 25 years. The median age is 35, a number which indicates a lot of young families and caregivers for senior family members. Dr. Rina Kotecha has been providing gentle, compassionate family dental care to patients of all ages in Port Credit and surrounding towns since 2001. At Dentistry on 10, family dental care means love. Dr. Rina is a mother, too. She understands your concerns for the healthcare of your children. She is there to help you … Continue reading

Family dentistry in Mississauga makes sense when you consider cost and patient reviews

Couples, parents, and caregivers in the Mississauga area manage an incredible juggling act every day. You are responsible for balancing your time and budget, and making good decisions for your family. Choosing the right dental care provider is an important one. You naturally have questions. Should each member of the family see a different dentist? What will competent family dentistry cost? How can I find the best dentist for my family’s needs and situation? Dr. Rina Kotecha loves treating patients of all agents at Dentistry on 10. She offers these tips to help you make good choices. Cost vs. value … Continue reading

What parents in L5G 3H7 need to know about family dentistry

The L5G 3H7 region is one of the fastest growing areas of Ontario. The median age is 35 and 18 percent of the population is under the age of 14. That means a lot of families with young children. Dr. Rina Kotecha and her team at Dentistry on 10 treat many of them. Dr. Rina works closely with parents to get their children off to a strong start on a lifetime of good oral health. She answers questions, provides educational materials, demonstrates proper hygiene techniques, and genuinely enjoys getting youthful patients acclimated to dental care. She finds most parents to … Continue reading

Patients near Mississauga ask which dentist provides comprehensive family dentistry

Whether you are new to the area, or simply searching for a dentist who might be a better match for your lifestyle, you may be wondering which practice near Mississauga provides family dentistry. Individuals, young couples, established families, and seniors find the dental treatments they need and the compassionate care they deserve at Dentistry on 10. What is family dentistry? Many practices advertise family dentistry, but it is just a catch phrase. In Dr. Rina Kotecha’s capable hands family dentistry means something more. It means you have entrusted her with the oral health, overall wellness, and appearance of yourself and … Continue reading

Dentist helps families in Brampton, ON prepare for dental emergencies

Strong teeth are a valuable asset. They contribute to your attractive appearance, clear communication, enjoyment of foods, and digestion. For families throughout the Brampton, ON area Dr. Rina Kotecha is the dentist they trust to prevent and handle dental emergencies. Prevention: The best preparation Most dental emergencies fall into two categories. A toothache so severe that it requires an emergency dental appointment is often the result of an abscess. When a tooth has a deep area of untreated decay, a crack, or breakage, bacteria infiltrate the pulp chamber. Infection ensues, building pressure in the tooth and inflaming the nerve. An … Continue reading

Traits Mississauga patients look for in a general dentist

A dentist spends years mastering a wide range of technical education to earn a professional degree. That level of expertise is vital to provide competent patient care, but it is only part of the equation. To get the most benefit from dental care, the patient must form a relationship with the dentist, feeling secure that personal beliefs, medical information, and financial circumstances are respected. The patient must comfortably build rapport, trust, and confidence. Let’s take a look at personality traits that Mississauga patients look for in a general dentist to develop that bond. Personable Some people call it bedside manner. … Continue reading

General dentistry care in Mississauga can halt the progression of dental problems

For many, many years, we have heard the phrase “prevention is the best medicine.” This is true in just about every sense. When it comes to oral health, it is possible to keep teeth and gums in tip-top condition with regular dental care. When caught early, developing dental problems can be most easily treated with conservative general dentistry care with your Mississauga dentist. Without early treatment, however, minor dental problems tend to progress into something more serious. The progression of common dental problems Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent dental problems, stemming from the erosion of enamel. When … Continue reading

Good care for sensitive teeth available with your dentist in Mississauga

Tooth sensitivity is something that affects millions of people. Depending on the degree of sensitivity, quality of life can be significantly affected. Some people find that this problem causes them to have to give up certain foods or even alter the way they brush and floss their teeth. There is no good reason to live with uncomfortable tooth sensitivity when your dentist in Mississauga may be able to determine a treatable cause. Sensitivity might occur with temperature or with the consumption of certain types of foods. The potential causes of sensitivity include: Enamel erosionCavities in teeth or in rootsExposed roots … Continue reading

Good health and more come from regular cleanings in the office of your dentist in the Brampton area

We brush, and hopefully floss, our teeth on a daily basis. Why is it, then, that we are encouraged to get professional cleanings twice a year? Dr. Kotecha at Dentistry on 10 provides her patients with comprehensive care of the utmost quality. Our entire team strives to assist families in the achievement of their healthiest and most attractive smiles. It is our hope that through preventative care, our patients will enjoy oral health and a greater sense of wellbeing by avoiding dental problems. Cleanings are an essential part of this goal, providing advantages that include: Decreased risk of tooth decay … Continue reading

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Our Happy Patients Say

Procedure - Teeth Cleaning Testimonial

Hi my name is Edgar and my patient here at Doctor Rena’s office with Associates have been coming to this clinic for over 2 years now And I find it very convenient because it’s near to my home coming in here It’s very warm and welcome. I like the atmosphere Doctor Rena put nice paintings on the Wall and then when you come. In you feel like you’re home because she has a a TV mounted on. The wall and You just Come in and relax for a while, while, you wait so that way you won’t get bored and it’s just easier way your you’re, your, nervousness or fear. If you have the fear as a child that as I’m going to the dentist. And did you have any problem with your teeth before you came to us? Only problem is that I, I, have no pain, just that I was Due for cleaning. So, I was very glad that that happened. So that way I can able to have my teeth cleaned because sometimes when you’re so busy in the life you have no time to take care of yourself. So, I’m glad that I came today and, and, what is Important to you in a dental office? Well, I pointed to a dental office that dumb Coming in here you feel comfortable. The staff will welcome you. With great and happy smiles. That way when you come in here as a new patient, or if you’re having a bad day, be accepted like, like, you, you take away Your, your, , your problems or something Like that angriness. And how did you feel about your treatment today? Today I feel good, I feel. Like a new person. Thanks to my hygienist she was able to clean my teeth with the feeling just her gentle hands and I didn’t feel no pain today and I’m so glad. And would you recommend us to others? Yes, because like I said in the beginning, when you come in here, it’s so friendly, a family, family, oriented place and have television that way when you come in, you, you, you, don’t sit down and feel bored or you think oh what’s going to happen to me today. You get to watch televisions and we should have a, a, movie going on. Okay, thank you so much. Thank you. You are welcome.

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