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Which home teeth whitening product is best for Brampton area patients?

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Dr. Rina Kotecha has been caring for the health and beauty of Brampton area smiles for more than a decade. Year after year, teeth whitening remains one of the most popular cosmetic services she provides. Some patients want the fast, dramatic results of in-office, light/laser accelerated whitening. Others prefer to whiten more gradually, in the privacy of home. These women and men often ask Dr. Rina’s advice on the best home teeth whitening products.

Comfort, convenience, and results!

Are you concerned with safety, comfort, convenience . . . and dazzling results? At home whitening with application trays made especially for your mouth is a great choice. Dr. Rina takes impressions of your teeth to create trays that fit snugly. You apply a professional strength whitening gel and wear the trays for an hour or two each day until your teeth reach the shade you like (usually in about two weeks). Then you simply use the system periodically to keep your smile bright. Throughout treatment you are assured of Dr. Rina’s oversight and advice. If you have very sensitive teeth, she will even add a buffering agent to the whitening gel, just for you.

A little brightening boost

Many patients, especially young adults, are comfortable with the overall shade of their smiles. They keep teeth clean with daily brushing and flossing, and rely on the Dentistry on 10 hygiene team to remove stubborn surface stains at bi-annual cleaning and checkup appointments. They don’t desire dramatic whitening, but maybe just a little improvement in the natural color of their dentition.

Other teeth whitening methods are available. Dr. Rina can help you understand how they may be used safely and effectively at home.

  • Mouth rinse that loosens stains before brushing.
  • Whitening toothpaste to help you brush away surface discoloration.
  • Brush-on whitener that you apply to clean teeth.
  • Hydrogen peroxide strips, worn for about half an hour two times a day to whiten teeth.

These products work well in combination, and help to keep a professionally whitened smile brighter longer.

So, which at home whitening program is best? Every smile, every patient, and every lifestyle is different. Dr. Rina takes time to understand your needs and give personalized advice that works for you. Call Dentistry on 10 today at (905) 455-9262 to become a patient and learn more about customized home teeth whitening options.

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