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Discover whitening tips and teeth whitening services in Mississauga, ON

Your food and drink choices affect the appearance of your teeth. They may become yellow or stained over time. Choosing to whiten your teeth is a personal choice that is a step toward a healthy smile. Located in Mississauga, ON, Dr. Rina Kotecha of Dentistry on 10 offers teeth whitening services to help patients achieve brighter, healthier smiles. Teeth whitening services Whitening with your dental professional ensures the health and beauty of your smile. Your dentist can assess your teeth first for problems to ensure nothing may interfere with the whitening process. Dr. Kotecha offers in-office and at-home whitening. In-office … Continue reading

Teeth whitening options available by Mississauga area dentist

Whitening the smile is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to enhance the teeth. Using high quality whitening solutions, patients can enjoy a whiter, brighter smile in as little as one hour. Dr. Kotecha and the team at Dentistry on 10 offer a wide variety of professional-grade whitening services to allow patients to improve their smile with better results than over-the-counter treatments. Unlike other dental offices that offer one or two treatment solutions, patients can visit the team at Dentistry on 10 for a wide variety of teeth whitening options. Patients in the Mississauga community can learn about each … Continue reading

Patients in Mississauga need cost effective dental teeth whitening

Canada enjoys a robust economy, with a number of Fortune 500 companies headquartered right here in Mississauga. Individuals and blossoming families in the area work hard for their money. They appreciate good value in the products and services they purchase. Everyday Dr. Rina Kotecha and her team at Dentistry on 10 deliver on their commitment to bring quality, affordable dental care to area residents, including cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening. All kinds of ways to whiten A walk down the dental aisle at your local store reveals a variety of whitening products. You’ll find chewing gum, mouth rinse, toothpaste, … Continue reading

When is in-office teeth whitening an alternative to veneers for Mississauga patients?

Perfect celebrity smiles seen all over the silver screen, television, and internet have made porcelain veneers a go-to procedure in many dental offices. Dr. Rina Kotecha at Dentistry on 10 approaches smile improvement a little differently. She believes in considering every aspect of an individual’s needs before recommending treatment. In some cases, that means a more economical solution for patients in the Mississauga area, which also conserves tooth structure – in-office teeth whitening. Causes of discoloration The majority of our population has naturally white permanent teeth. A host of circumstances, though, can tarnish smiles: Negligent hygiene. The primary cause of … Continue reading

Patients near Mississauga ask, “Which dentist provides teeth whitening?”

How important is your smile? It creates an unspoken bond with anyone within sight. It radiates warmth and confidence. It expresses happiness. Those functions are pretty important. Your smile also gives others an immediate impression of your character and lifestyle. It may not be fair or accurate, but they’ll form opinions about your responsibility, healthy, trustworthiness, and hygiene. If your smile is dingy and unattractive, it can be difficult to change those opinions. A recent survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry revealed some amazing findings: 74 percent of those surveyed believe that an unattractive smile is detrimental to … Continue reading

Which home teeth whitening product is best for Brampton area patients?

Dr. Rina Kotecha has been caring for the health and beauty of Brampton area smiles for more than a decade. Year after year, teeth whitening remains one of the most popular cosmetic services she provides. Some patients want the fast, dramatic results of in-office, light/laser accelerated whitening. Others prefer to whiten more gradually, in the privacy of home. These women and men often ask Dr. Rina’s advice on the best home teeth whitening products. Comfort, convenience, and results! Are you concerned with safety, comfort, convenience . . . and dazzling results? At home whitening with application trays made especially for … Continue reading

Whitening teeth with your Mississauga dentist produces the best results

One of the greatest assets each person has is his or her smile. That is, when the smile is bright and healthy. A problem that many of us face at some point is discoloration. Enamel may at first look a bit dull. After some time, teeth may look yellow or even brown, depending on our lifestyle habits and oral hygiene. Whatever the reason for discoloration, the effect of this problem is that we may not want to smile. We may shy away from social interaction or avoid being in front of the camera. If forced to interact, we may do … Continue reading

Teeth whitening is the key to professional and social success in Port Credit

Today more than ever, the job market is tough. While due to a number of factors, the overall success we experience in life is largely within our control. It may not seem like the smile is very important in the grand scheme of things, but consumer research indicates that we would do well to pay attention to the power of our smiles. More than any other facial feature, and above most physical features, the smile makes a strong first impression. Research participants have reported finding an attractive smile memorable. Perhaps even more enlightening are research results that state an attractive … Continue reading

Put some sparkle in your smile with safe, effective teeth whitening services near Brampton

Teeth whitening services are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures offered for patients in Brampton, throughout Canada, and around the world. A brighter, whiter smile is universally associated with that movie star perfect look. The colour of the teeth is such a hard-to-miss part of the smile only rivalled by how the teeth are aligned. There is certainly no lack of options when it comes to whitening services. However, it can be difficult to distinguish between safe, effective products and those that may result in little to no change in the look of your teeth or the treatments that … Continue reading

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