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Mississauga dentist explains how to tame mask mouth

While the coronavirus pandemic introduced mask-wearing to many more people, some people, such as doctors, nurses, dentists, and those with compromised immune systems, have long been wearing them to protect themselves and others. Dr. Rina Kotecha, a trusted Mississauga dentist, has fielded many questions from patients who are new to wearing masks and noticing “mask mouth” – a displeasing breath smell. She explains how patients can tame mask mouth and improve their overall oral health.  Oral health habits are critical Dentists have long been advising their patients to brush, floss, and eat a healthy diet to improve overall oral health. … Continue reading

Mississauga dentist provides a full suite of dental care services

Dr. Rina Kotecha and the team at Dentistry on 10 in Mississauga place the comfort and well-being of their patients at top priority. For nearly 20 years, Dr. Kotecha has provided an atmosphere of quality, professionalism, and comfort for her patients. The Dentistry on 10 team is committed to gentle care, combined with advanced technology, continued education, and a full suite of dental care services, from preventative care to cosmetic improvements. Preventative dentistry – Taking care of your oral health now can keep future problems – even ones that could occur months or years in the future – at bay. … Continue reading

Benefits of preventative dentistry services in the Port Credit area

The smile is an important asset to everyone. When one smiles, it can make a positive first impression on others. Dr. Rina Kotecha and the team at Dentistry on 10 provide patients in and around the Port Credit area with preventative dentistry services used to maintain one’s oral health. With cleanings, examinations, and x-rays, patients can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile for life! Patients who regularly visit their dentist for recall appointments are more likely to have healthier smiles and maintain their oral health longer than those who do not. Cleanings Although patients care for their smile at … Continue reading

Why Mississauga, ON patients benefit from dentist-provided teeth whitening services

Teeth whitening is a popular treatment option provided to patients in and around the Mississauga, ON area who are interested in rejuvenating their smiles in a dramatic way. Dr. Rina Kotecha, dentist at Dentistry on 10, provides patients with a wide selection of teeth whitening services at her practice. Unlike over-the-counter methods, these teeth whitening products far surpass the strength and effectiveness of at-home kits available at local drugstores. Patients who are ready for a dazzling new smile and better value for their money are encouraged to seek teeth whitening services through a quality dental practice. Dentists in the Mississauga, … Continue reading

Dental services for the whole family in the Port Credit area

Have you been looking for a place where you can find comprehensive dental services for your entire family in a fun and relaxing atmosphere? Look no further than Dentistry on 10. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will be welcomed into our sanctuary and be treated with the highest level of care. You can start by relaxing by the fire in our warm waiting room. You can opt to pick an iPod to find your favorite music, or choose from a variety of TV channels to find something suitable to watch during your treatment. For our smallest … Continue reading

What are some common dentistry services provided by Dentistry on 10 in Mississauga?

Dr. Rina Kotecha of Dentistry on 10 in Mississauga is proud to offer a wide selection of dentistry services in her state-of-the-art practice. Located in the Greater Toronto area, our team is committed to assisting patients of all ages with the improvement of their oral health. From cosmetic enhancements to preventative treatments, Dentistry on 10 is here for you and your family. Below are several of the most common dentistry services provided in our practice: Examinations Preventative care starts with regular examinations. We recommend patients visit Dr. Rina Kotecha at least twice a year for a physical evaluation, which may … Continue reading

Dentist in the Port Credit area explains the importance of seeking treatment for a toothache

Many believe that dental emergencies only involved trauma or injury to a tooth. The reality is that some of our most urgent emergencies occur when a patient is experiencing a severe and persistent toothache. Tooth pain is never normal and should be evaluated by a dentist as soon as possible to assess the problem. While over-the-counter pain relievers, compresses or heat therapy may temporarily relieve the pain of a toothache, they will not treat the underlying issue. If left untreated, the source of the toothache can progress and cause serious damage to the mouth. Two of the most common reasons … Continue reading

Dentist in Mississauga offers quality services for your whole family

Your family is your number one priority. The demands faced by busy families in the Mississauga area are real. Work, after-school activities, household duties, hobbies, professional commitments, and social events can fill up the calendar quickly, making scheduling time for dental appointments fall lower on the priority list. The team at Dentistry on 10 wants to make it easy for you and your family to receive the oral health care you need and deserve. Our family-friendly office offers comprehensive care for patients of all ages and flexible scheduling hours to make seeing the dentist easy. One of our greatest joys … Continue reading

Learn about foods that stain your teeth as explained by our dentist in Mississauga and the solutions available

any patients in the Mississauga, ON area want their dentist to explain to them how to achieve and maintain a healthy and attractive smile. When discoloration, staining, and yellowing become such a problem that patients are hiding their teeth from others when they laugh, talk, and smile, it may be time for these patients to learn more about the foods that stain their teeth and find ways to counteract this discoloration. Having a whiter, brighter smile is not only for the Hollywood elite, but can be enjoyed by patients in the area from a quality cosmetic dentist such as Dr. … Continue reading

Practice in Mississauga, ON offers more than cavity removal service

Dentistry on 10 in Mississauga, ON is a family practice, providing dental services for patients of all ages. This includes complex procedures such as laser management of gum disease, root canal therapy, and extractions. Yet treatment of tooth decay remains a frequently-needed service. While Dr. Rina Kotecha certainly provides removal of dental caries, her commitment to cavity-free smiles goes well beyond. What is a cavity? A dental cavity is simply a hole in a tooth. There is a common misconception that sugar causes cavities. In truth, oral bacteria thrive on sugars and starches left behind by beverages and foods. A … Continue reading

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Procedure – Gum Disease Testimonial

After my pregnancy, a gum disease was developed in my mouth which was diagnosed by Doctor Rena and herself right away and was treated in her office. She was very knowledgeable and friendly and the staff too. They’re very professional and friendly staff. Every time my mom comes to Canada she wants to be her to check by Doctor Rena even though she doesn’t have a good relationship with doctors. But she loves Doctor Rena. She said she is very confident she is very knowledgeable and friendly, so it’s highly recommended by me and my mom. So come see, have your teeth checked by her.

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