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Dental Crowns are an Excellent Way to Preserve Your Natural Teeth

If you have a damaged tooth, it doesn’t have to be extracted. A dental crown or a cap is a tooth-shaped cover used by dentists to protect a damaged tooth and improve its appearance. While dental crowns can be made from metal, Dr. Rina Kotecha and the team at Dentistry On 10 in Mississauga, Ontario, prefer porcelain because it can be colour-matched to mimic your natural enamel. Once in place, our porcelain dental crowns are virtually undetectable and restore your smile to its original state, if not better.  How a dental crown preserves your tooth When you have extensive tooth … Continue reading

Can Dental Crowns save your teeth?

Severe decay or injury can damage a tooth to the extent that it needs to be extracted. If you have several teeth in that condition, it can affect your smile, ability to chew and overall oral health. Through dental crown treatment, your Mississauga, Ontario dentist can repair and restore damaged teeth to avoid extraction. A visit to Dentistry On 10 can determine if you’re a good candidate for dental crown treatment. What are dental crowns used for? Dental crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” used to cover severely damaged teeth for protection against further damage. They can be used to treat a … Continue reading

Dentist in Mississauga explains all the things you need to know about dental crowns and crown purposes

Sports injuries, biting into an apple or a piece of hard candy, or even just an accident can damage the teeth. A damaged or missing tooth disrupts the form and function of the smile. Dental restorations such as crowns address the damage and complete the smile once more. At Dentistry on 10 in Mississauga, Dr. Rina Kotecha explains all the things you need to know about dental crowns and why they are used. A crown is essentially a cap that covers a natural tooth or a dental implant. Shaped like an actual tooth, the crown fits snugly over the tooth … Continue reading

Mississauga dentist explains the benefits of crowns

No one plans to break or chip a tooth. When dental trauma occurs, you want it to be addressed effectively and efficiently. You will need to visit a dentist for a dental restoration. A dental crown covers and restores a broken tooth. Located in Mississauga, Dr. Rina Kotecha and the team at Dentistry on 10 offer crowns to address damaged teeth and to improve your smile. What are dental crowns? You may have heard of crowns but may not understand their full significance until you have damaged a tooth. A crown is essentially a protective cap that covers a tooth. … Continue reading

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Dental Bridge Testimonial

So, tell us a little bit about you know what problem you were having before you came to dentistry on 10. Okay, my problem was that that I had my dentures for 30 years and then when I came to dentistry on 10, I met Doctor Rena you know for the first time she talked to me you know and I voiced all my problem and I was so glad you know that he listened to me for the first time, that this doctor, you know is so very national emotionally I. I was so impressed of what the caring he did to me and that the her hand is so gentle and that’s why I’ll never forget her, you know, and I as a woman like I mean we have the similarity like and that’s what I just said like about this you know when the first came in here and what she did for my teeth of course, you know. And you know, before you when you had your dentures and you know before she changed it, how was that affecting you in your life? Of course, you know it affects my, and I don’t have any confidence on myself and I don’t even smile you know, then want to open my mouth I’m always like for a long time. For 30 years I’ve always put my hands on my mouth and I don’t my mouth and I don’t want to smile at all. You know, that’s my problem. And now? And now I will never stop, you know, smiling, you know and always thinking of her and how I felt good about myself now. I felt good about myself and I thank you know doctor Rena and although you’re stopping here at dentistry on 10, they are so nice so nice. Okay, and would you recommend us to others? Course I do. I tell friends you know that the experience I have, you know, and I know some friends of mine now of course, they believe in me because of this experience I had with them to doctor Rena. Okay, thank you so much. You are welcome. I I always have this, you know, as to rated this dental office, it’s one to 10. It’s a 10. It’s always a thumbs up for me. To everyone, of course you know, I will recommend this to everyone you know. Thank you

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