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Why patients seek a Mississauga dentist who provides teeth bonding

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The smile is an important asset to our overall sense of wellbeing. We feel more confident when we are satisfied with our appearance. The smile, in particular, can be a great source of joy or, conversely, of embarrassment. Through the right cosmetic dental treatment, you have the ability to correct issues in your smile that you do not love. At Dentistry on 10, we believe that the smile can radiate inner beauty. Working with each individual patient, we seek to achieve their goals in an efficient manner.

In many cases, patients assume they must commit to porcelain veneers for smile enhancement. While this form of care does offer gorgeous results, there may also be another option. As a Mississauga dentist who provides teeth bonding, Dr. Kotecha has helped many patients to correct dental flaws in just one visit.

The bonding process is very quick, completely painless, and can achieve a number of goals. Bonding could be considered a type of veneer due to the fact that the surface of a tooth or teeth is covered with a natural looking material. Like indirect veneers that are made in a dental lab, bonding can change the size, color, or shape of teeth to make them appear larger, brighter, straighter, or generally more attractive. Because very little preparation is involved in the bonding procedure, most patients can receive smile-enhancing care without injections of anesthetic.

Teeth bonding involves the application of soft putty onto a tooth or teeth. This resin material is colored to match surrounding enamel perfectly so that the result looks completely natural. When the applied putty has been expertly shaped and sized, it is hardened with light and adheres to the tooth. The quality of today’s resin material leads to a polished finish that is translucent and multi-faceted in the way light is reflected from the smile.

Your smile says a lot about you and it has an enormous impact on how you see yourself. Dr. Kotecha is very precise in the performance of cosmetic services like bonding, understanding that each person’s smile is unique and must look as if it were provided by Mother Nature herself. Bonding is a wonderful option for many small problems. It is not, however, the perfect treatment for every person or every situation.

Dr. Kotecha plans care after listening to your expectations and concerns and carefully assessing teeth. See how your smile can thrive with personal attention from your friendly, experienced dentist. Call Dentistry on 10 at (905) 455-9262.

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