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Invisalign dentistry in the Port Credit area an optimal choice for a straighter smile

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When Invisalign aligners were proven capable of straightening smiles, the world of orthodontics was forever changed. In the Mississauga area, residents turn to Dentistry on 10 to achieve healthier, straighter smiles. When you find that you can improve the look of your smile, and your oral health, without metal braces, there is a lot to smile about.

For many adults and even a large majority of teenagers, metal braces are very unappealing. At the same time, misalignment in the smile can have a dramatic effect on self-confidence and oral health. With custom-designed clear aligners made of BPA free plastic, a crooked smile can be transformed into something far more attractive. The primary characteristic of aligners is the discreet appearance throughout treatment. In addition to this benefit, however, are many others.


Invisalign is a system that is very easy to use. Before eating, aligners are taken out of the mouth. After meals, teeth can be brushed and aligners cleaned and inserted. Likewise, aligners are removed morning and night for brushing and flossing and easily put back in. These practices remain the same throughout the entire course of treatment.

Improved freedom

Because aligners are removed before meals, Invisalign has the benefit of allowing patients to continue enjoying the foods they have always eaten. With metal brackets and wires treatment, one of the biggest drawbacks is the necessity to avoid certain foods, such as crunchy nuts or chewy treats. This improved freedom that comes with Invisalign should not be mistaken to mean that care is not needed to maintain healthy teeth and gums. It is important to brush before inserting aligners after a meal or snack.


The metal brackets used in conventional orthodontic treatment are square with sharp corners. As such, they tend to be at least slightly uncomfortable. With the smooth plastic aligners of Invisalign, there are no edges to poke soft tissue.

The various benefits that exist with Invisalign have made this treatment option incredibly popular. Dr. Rina Kotecha has helped many patients achieve the smiles they desire without hassle or intense discomfort. To learn more about the Invisalign system, we invite you to contact Dentistry on 10 for a private consultation.

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“Very helpful and amazing doctor and the staff. I was so nervous because I had to do two extractions due to rotten teeth. I am very scared of needles but doctor Rina made me so comfortable and she made sure I am ready for it. She put the numbing cream first so I can calm down and within two mins she was done with the extraction. She is a wonderful doctor. I didn’t feel anything during the whole procedure. Her clinic staff is super helpful and friendly. Honestly, I have never seen any doctor and her/his staff as helpful as these guys are. I highly recommend them.”

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