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Mississauga residents search for wisdom teeth removal options

Wisdom teeth are located in the back of a patient’s mouth. These molars typically begin to erupt during the teenage years or in early adulthood. As the wisdom teeth start to come in, they may cause problems such as pain, tenderness, and swelling of the gums. For some patients, wisdom teeth do not come in properly but even when they do, wisdom teeth are difficult to care for and keep clean, meaning there is an increased risk for periodontal disease or other dental issues. When wisdom teeth begin to appear or to cause problems, dentists can examine the mouth and … Continue reading

Your options for wisdom teeth removal in Mississauga

Most people get four wisdom teeth. They are the “way back” third molars in the upper and lower arches that usually come in by the time you are 25. By that age you are presumably wiser than when your other permanent teeth erupted. Unfortunately, that wisdom doesn’t necessarily include what to do about third molars that cause problems. Dr. Rina Kotecha and the Dentistry on 10 team in Mississauga are eager to provide information on your options for removal of wisdom teeth. Do nothing Consciously doing nothing about a problem is the equivalent of choosing a course of action. It … Continue reading

Which dentist near Mississauga provides wisdom tooth removal?

Your third molars – the ones farthest back on the top and bottom – are commonly called wisdom teeth because they emerge last, in late teen years or early 20s, when you are presumably wiser. Throughout history wisdom teeth have had their own lore. Some believe that getting wisdom teeth late is a sign that you’ll have a long life (and vice versa!). Others carry a pulled wisdom tooth for luck. Some say you won’t retain knowledge until you’ve cut wisdom teeth. Regardless of their mystique, wisdom teeth can be problematic and sometimes need to be extracted. Dr. Rina Kotecha … Continue reading

Visiting a Mississauga area dentist for tooth extraction

Patients in the Mississauga area who believe they may need to visit a dentist for tooth extraction are encouraged to speak to the team at Dentistry on 10. Our professionals provide comprehensive, quality dental services from general dentistry to restorative dentistry. We know that there are times in which teeth may need to be extracted – especially wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth, known as the “third molars,” are teeth that erupt through the gum line at the back of the mouth typically in the late teen years or early adulthood. They often cause many problems. The can become impacted, unable to … Continue reading

Mississauga area dentist reviews with patients the benefits of wisdom teeth extractions

The wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are the last teeth to erupt through the gum line. These teeth often come through in the late teen years or in early adulthood. They come through at the very back of the dental arch behind the existing molars and are known for becoming extremely problematic. Wisdom teeth can become impacted because there is not enough room for them to break through the gum line. This can cause patients great pain. Additionally, even if they do erupt through the gum line, they may be hard to clean and leave patients at … Continue reading

When do Brampton area patients need to consider tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a much more common procedure than many Brampton area patients may realize. Dr. Rina Kotecha of Dentistry on 10 performs this procedure regularly in a variety of ways. Many patients want to learn when tooth extraction may be necessary. Preparation for orthodontics Patients who have severe overcrowding within their smile and are going to have orthodontic work completed may have to have one or more teeth extracted to make room for the teeth to move into their proper positions. Permanent adult teeth can be extracted to allow more room within the dental arch to reposition the remaining … Continue reading

When might Port Credit area patients need wisdom teeth removal?

Patients in and around the Port Credit area who visit Dr. Rina Kotecha at Dentistry on 10 are introduced to reasons wisdom teeth removal may be necessary. Her team of professionals understands how the development of wisdom teeth may become an issue and result in problems that can only be addressed with extraction. Wisdom teeth, which are often referred to by dental professionals as the “third molars,” are the teeth that do not erupt through the gum line until patients are in their late teens or early adulthood. They come through in the rear of the mouth at the back … Continue reading

Mississauga area dentist offers wisdom teeth removal

Dr. Rina Kotecha of Dentistry on 10 is a Mississauga area dentist who understands the importance of wisdom teeth removal. Her practice is equipped with the latest tools and technologies to assist patients in achieving better dental health and wellness while also addressing serious oral health issues. This may include necessary wisdom teeth removal. The wisdom teeth, which are also called “third molars,” are often problematic because of their positions in the mouth. These molars develop in the very far back of the dental arch. They often do not erupt through the gums until late teenage years or early adulthood. … Continue reading

Mississauga dentist offers wisdom teeth removal service for impacted wisdom teeth

wisdom teeth removal is one of the most commonly performed oral surgeries. The procedure may be done as a preventative measure or to address an issue. Wisdom teeth can become impacted causing swelling, pain, or damage to the adjacent teeth. Located in Mississauga, Dr. Rina Kotecha and the team at Dentistry on 10 offer wisdom teeth removal service to protect the health of the oral cavity. The purpose of wisdom teeth Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars people get. Generally, wisdom teeth begin to appear or erupt between the ages of 18 and 25. Anthropologically speaking, the extra … Continue reading

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