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Your emergency dentist near Port Credit knows how to handle a broken tooth

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Dentistry is, ideally, one of those services that you get on a routine basis only. Dr. Kotecha and her staff work with patients to achieve optimal oral health with a goal of preventing problems. It is important to know, however, that you have a place to turn if you find yourself with a broken tooth. Depending on the extent of damage, a broken tooth could be a dental emergency. With your experienced dentist near Port Credit, you can regain comfort and peace of mind very quickly.

Teeth are made of multiple materials, not all of which are dense or hard. If the outer enamel becomes damaged, the inner areas of a tooth are far more easily affected. Even a minor break in enamel can lead to significant pain if not properly treated in a timely manner. A tooth does not have to be broken to the gums to require emergency care. The sooner a break is addressed, the less chance there is for infection and pain.

How teeth may be repaired

Breaks can range from very minor to fully noticeable. Clearly, if a tooth is broken to the gum line, there is a major problem that needs fixing. In such a situation, there is no remaining tooth structure to repair and the goal will be to eliminate discomfort and find a suitable option for tooth replacement.

Tooth replacement after the extraction of a broken tooth may involve the placement of a dental implant or the design of a customized dental bridge. Today, implants are one of the top treatments for missing teeth. This is because an implant replaces the missing root. When inserted into the jawbone, an implant will be surrounded by healthy bone tissue and fully stabilized for a lifetime of function and natural beauty. The fixed bridge is also quite stable, but relies on two healthy teeth for ongoing support, placing them under added stress.

When a tooth has sustained a mild to moderate break or fracture, repair may include the fabrication and placement of a custom dental crown. The purpose of a crown is to cover remaining, fragile tooth structure so that further damage does not occur. Treatment is completed over two visits and results can last more than ten years with good oral care.

Dr. Kotecha and her team are experienced in the treatment of a variety of urgent dental situations. Contact us to schedule your visit at Dentistry on 10.

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