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Mississauga dentist keeps your family healthy with emergency dental care

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It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of Canadians will have gum disease at some point in their lives. “At some point” is a very important phrase. Just because Dr. Kotecha diagnoses you with gum disease does not mean you must live with it for the rest of your life. Since gum disease is a progressive condition, in its earlier stages any effects can be reversed. Complications that are destructive to your oral and overall health are prevented with proper treatment and intervention, courtesy of your Mississauga family dentist at Dentistry on 10.

One of the most serious complications of untreated gum disease in its advanced stage, periodontitis, is an abscess. This inflammation or infection of the soft tissues surrounding the teeth happens when the gum separates from the tooth as the result of disease. The space between the soft and hard tissues can harbour the harmful bacteria that produces the boil-like abscess.

Another type of abscess can also occur as the result of untreated tooth decay. It starts in the tooth itself. As sugars in food and drink mix with natural mouth bacteria, acids are produced. These acids eat away the protective enamel of the tooth before working their way toward the centre of the tooth, first affecting the softer dentin under the enamel and then the sensitive inner pulp.

If an abscess is suspected, this is an emergency. The abscess can spread to other parts of the face and even other parts of the body. Don’t hesitate to phone Dentistry on 10 at (905) 455-9262. Dr. Kotecha and her team have a dedicated emergency line should you call outside of regular business hours.

An abscess may need to be treated should you experience:

  • Throbbing pain
  • Pain that worsens when chewing
  • Jaw or facial swelling
  • A red bump inside the mouth
  • A sour or salty taste in the mouth

You may also be feverish. There is no need to suffer with the often severe pain associated with dental infections. Dr. Kotecha can prescribe safe and effective medications to get you out of pain and treat the infection. Root canal therapy can restore the tooth’s appearance and function.

Of course, dental abscesses resulting from chronic gum disease or decay are not the only reasons to call the emergency line. Accidents happen. If you have a fall or injury, minutes count when it comes to saving the tooth.

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