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Benefits of Replacing Your Teeth with Dental Bridges

Dr. Rina Kotecha advises patients with tooth loss to find a solution as soon as possible. Whether you have lost one or several teeth, it affects your ability to chew properly and speak clearly. And that’s not all. Tooth loss causes the nearby teeth to shift into the edentulous space, messing up your tooth alignment.

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If you have missing teeth, consider replacing what you have lost before your dental health takes a downward spiral. Patients with tooth loss can opt for dental bridges from Dentistry On 10 in Mississauga, Ontario, to complete their smile and restore oral functionality.

Benefits of dental bridges

Traditional dental bridges fill the gap left by the missing teeth. Traditional bridges comprise artificial teeth (pontics) anchored by the surviving teeth (abutments) on either side of the gap. Patients can also consider implant bridges. These bridges are deeply inserted in your jawbone and don’t affect the health and stability of the adjacent teeth. 

Dental Bridges before and after

A fixed bridge is a solution for replacement of a few missing teeth. It is an alternative to implants and removable dentures.

Whatever the type of your dental bridge, these restorations offer numerous benefits like:

  • Improved chewing: Patients with missing teeth often skip out on delicacies that require intense chewing and biting. Dental bridges replace missing teeth and improve your biting force to help you enjoy your favourite foods
  • Easy maintenance: Most patients may avoid restorations that require cumbersome maintenance. Luckily, maintaining dental bridges isn’t any different from caring for your natural teeth. Like your natural teeth, dental care for bridges involves brushing and flossing daily, coupled with bi-annual dental appointments
  • Prevents shifting of teeth: When your teeth miss support from the neighbouring teeth, they shift out of place and become loose, affecting your alignment. Misaligned teeth encourage tooth decay and jaw pain. Dental bridges avert these dental health problems by filling up the toothless gap
  • Improved speaking: Tooth loss makes it difficult to pronounce certain words. The gap may also make you speak with a lisp. A dental bridge fixes your speech issues by filling the space left by the missing teeth

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