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Professional Laser Teeth Whitening is an Excellent Investment in Yourself!

“I don’t like the shade of my teeth.” This complaint is common among patients looking to brighten their smiles. Even with diligent cleaning, your teeth will eventually lose their luster, resulting in a dull, yellow appearance. At Dentistry On 10, we can help restore your smile’s brightness using safe laser teeth whitening. If your teeth have become discolored over time, don’t hold back your smile. Instead, discover the full potential of your grin by considering clinically-tested teeth whitening from Dr. Rina Kotecha. What to Expect During a Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment Unlike the teeth whitening amateurs in the salons and … Continue reading

Mississauga dentist helps improve smiles with laser teeth whitening treatment

The appearance of your smile is important. It’s how you greet new acquaintances and welcome friends and family. In the case of first impressions, many people won’t initially remember the color of your eyes or what you were wearing, but they will remember if you had a confident and friendly smile. At Dentistry on 10, Dr. Kotecha and her team offer patients laser teeth whitening services to make their smile sparkle and improve their self-esteem. Teeth whitening options Teeth whitening treatment comes in many different forms. From strips and pastes sold at the local drug store to in office treatments … Continue reading

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So, a couple of nights ago, I was having horrible toothaches was keeping me up all night. I called dentistry at 10 and they were able to get me an appointment right away. I saw Doctor Rena and she’s super professional. Fixed my cavity right away and I haven’t had a problem ever since. I had a great experience. The dentist was great. The location is nearby. I can’t recommend it enough.

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