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Your options for wisdom teeth removal in Mississauga

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Most people get four wisdom teeth. They are the “way back” third molars in the upper and lower arches that usually come in by the time you are 25. By that age you are presumably wiser than when your other permanent teeth erupted. Unfortunately, that wisdom doesn’t necessarily include what to do about third molars that cause problems. Dr. Rina Kotecha and the Dentistry on 10 team in Mississauga are eager to provide information on your options for removal of wisdom teeth.

Do nothing

Consciously doing nothing about a problem is the equivalent of choosing a course of action. It might be prudent in some of life’s situations, but it is not advisable in the case of wisdom teeth.

These molars are often impacted. Because they are located so far back in an already full arch, they lack the space needed to come in straight and strong. Impacted wisdom teeth can’t break through the jaw bone. This condition may cause mouth pain and headaches.

Wisdom teeth that do erupt may crowd healthy teeth. That crookedness flaws your smile and creates food traps that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.

Visit an oral surgeon

Mississauga has many fine oral surgeons. This is a reasonable option if your dentist doesn’t handle extraction of wisdom teeth, and you don’t mind the expense and inconvenience of going to another doctor.

Seek treatment from the team you know and trust

The idea of surgery – any kind of surgery – can be unsettling. Patients typically understand the need for and accept the idea of wisdom teeth extraction more calmly when it is presented to them by someone they know and trust.

Not every dental practice chooses to perform extractions. Dr. Rina feels that it is important to offer this service to her patients so that they receive relaxed treatment in a familiar environment with friendly faces around them. Extraction of wisdom teeth requires pre-planning and precise technique. She teams up with trained and experienced associates to bring oral surgery to patients throughout the Mississauga area. Then Dr. Rina and her team provide their usual high level of compassionate aftercare.

Are you ready to become a Dentistry on 10 patient? Call (905) 455-9262 for an appointment with Dr. Rina. It’s a wise decision.

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