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Proven effectiveness, efficient treatment; straighten your teeth with Fastbraces in Mississauga, ON

Straighten Your Teeth With Fastbraces in Mississauga Area

The Dentistry on 10 crew has found many patients are intimately familiar with conventional metal braces. Likewise, a number of patients have heard of or have some familiarity with Invisalign. Dr. Rina Kotecha and the team are happy to offer so many different options to correct crowded, unevenly-spaced, and otherwise misaligned teeth, and they encourage you to get to know a third option: Fastbraces®.

So, just how can you straighten your teeth with Fastbraces in Mississauga, ON at Dr. Kotecha’s office?

As with all treatments, Dr. Kotecha will examine your mouth to see what type of orthodontic option is best for you. Conventional braces use a system of metal brackets and wires, which are tightened by your dentist to place force on teeth and progressively reposition them. Invisalign uses similar principles as traditional systems. But the force that is required to reposition teeth is derived from oral appliances that look similar to retainers. Every two weeks or so, you exchange one transparent aligner tray for the next tray in the series, which corresponds with every step of treatment. When worn as directed, these trays gradually reposition teeth.

As its name suggests, Fastbraces® is similar to braces – only treatment is faster. The “magic” is in the design; Fastbraces® brackets are made to straighten the roots of the teeth to their upright positions (and naturally-erupted positions) at the start of treatment. The Fastbraces® approach is designed to slash treatment time in half, when compared to conventional braces. With braces, the crowns of the teeth are repositioned first and then the roots of the teeth are repositioned. This process could take around two years. Fastbraces® technologies and methodologies, overseen by Dr. Kotecha, expedite the process by repositioning the roots in a safe and effective manner from the start, cutting out the first part of the traditional process. In fact, Dr. Kotecha’s patients may achieve straighter teeth and a healthier and more attractive smile in 100 days. Improvements may be visible in days.

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Recall visits are generally scheduled every couple of weeks for the first few month. After that, visits can be scheduled monthly so Dr. Kotecha can assure treatment is progressing as it should.

Call (905) 455-9262 to schedule your appointment at the Dentistry on 10 office in Mississauga, ON. Dr. Kotecha accounts for many factors, including your cosmetic preferences and habits, when recommending the best options to reveal your stunning smile and lasting health.

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