Whitening teeth with your Mississauga dentist produces the best results

One of the greatest assets each person has is his or her smile. That is, when the smile is bright and healthy. A problem that many of us face at some point is discoloration. Enamel may at first look a bit dull. After some time, teeth may look yellow or even brown, depending on our lifestyle habits and oral hygiene. Whatever the reason for discoloration, the effect of this problem is that we may not want to smile. We may shy away from social interaction or avoid being in front of the camera. If forced to interact, we may do what we can to hide our teeth. The danger in hiding the smile is that we are giving a false perception, one that we really don’t want to give.

Breathe new life into your smile and show it off freely by whitening teeth with professional care

Residents of the Mississauga area can undoubtedly find a number of solutions to tooth discoloration without ever visiting their dentist. Commercial products are very easy to find, with most toothpastes today labeled as “whitening.” There can be a misconception about such products when there is no professional guidance to help us discern one from another. To be clear, whitening toothpastes are effective at the removal of surface stains only. Dr. Kotecha may recommend a whitening toothpaste to maximize the results of professional whitening, but not as a sole method of removing set in stains.

Professional whitening is the model for all other whitening products. It is also the most efficient way to get more dramatic results. The difference between what is found at the store and what is found in our dentist’s office is that professional whitening solution contains more powerful concentration of bleach. Whitening strips contains very low concentrations, and whitening toothpaste contains no bleach solution, only tiny particles that polish the surface of teeth.

It is possible to have a bright, healthy smile that you love, and Dentistry on 10 has a variety of solutions from which to choose. Your smile deserves care tailored to its specific needs and to your expectations. Call our office at (905) 455-9262 to rediscover your best smile.

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