Along with standard general dentistry and cosmetic treatments, Dr. Kotecha and her associates of Dentistry On 10 also offer their patients a wide variety of special services.

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Teeth whitening

Sometimes patients just want to boost the appearance of their smile or rejuvenate a tired-looking smile. Teeth whitening treatments allow patients to make a dramatic improvement by lightening the teeth up to eight shades whiter in just one treatment. Dr. Kotecha and her associates offer both in-office whitening and home whitening kits depending on a patient’s needs and desires. Read More

Pediatric dentistry

Children of all ages can enjoy dental treatments at Dentistry On 10. Dr. Kotecha and her associates offer services for patients as young as one year old, and can provide parents with the knowledge they need to start their child off right. Patients are educated with a good foundation of oral health tips and tricks for a lifetime of beautiful smiles!

Cavity Free Kids Club

Children that visit our practice and are cavity free can enjoy being a part of a Cavity Free Kids Club. Each child that visits with no dental decay receives a special prize, a certificate of membership, and has their photo on the wall to be a wonderful inspiration for other children struggling with their oral health regimens. Children of this club are also entered monthly into a drawing for a Chuck E Cheese gift card!


At Dentistry On 10, we understand that many patients are fearful of the dentist. We offer a special add-on service to our patients: reflexology. Patients can receive a special foot treatment during their dental service to relax and comfort them. It can also provide many other health benefits, and is a wonderful way to look forward to a positive dental visit.Read More


If there’s a common complaint about the appearance of a person’s smile it’s often in how the teeth are aligned. Sometimes it’s a tooth that’s always just been a bit out of place. Other times it’s shifting across an entire set of upper or lower teeth due to not wearing a retainer after previous orthodontic treatment. Regardless of whether the misalignment is part of a person’s perceived charm or a new challenge, and whether a patient is a teenager or an older adult, patients in the Mississauga can improve their smile with orthodontic treatment.Read More

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