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Modern orthodontic services in Mississauga, ON appeal to busy adults

Orthodontic Services in Mississauga Area

There are many reasons adult patients are seeking Mississauga, ON orthodontic services at the office of Dentistry on 10. Some patients have been embarrassed about the alignment or positions of some of their teeth for as long as they can remember. Other patients haven’t worn braces or retainers for years, and have experienced some shifting. Yet, they don’t want to go back to “conventional” braces. Obvious metal wires and brackets, frequent trips to the orthodontist for tightening of the wires, and the hassle of eating with (and cleaning around) braces just isn’t appealing to many of Dr. Rina Kotecha’s patients. Fortunately, Dr. Kotecha can help you get the healthy and attractive smile that you’re after, without traditional clunky and cumbersome hardware.

Meet modern straightening

Dentistry has advanced significantly since you may have worn braces as a child. For starters, the materials that are used to make these orthodontic systems are lightweight and feature transparent brackets and clear wires. So, patients have a more comfortable experience, and can still smile confidently throughout treatment.

Completely new systems have also been introduced, including Fastbraces® and Invisalign®. Fastbraces® are still braces, but they’re designed differently than traditional systems. Proprietary elastic wire and specially-shaped brackets facilitate movement of the roots of the teeth from the get-go. Braces traditionally are phased, repositioning the crowns of the teeth first and then the roots. Fastbraces® engineering allows for super-efficient treatment, sometimes in around 100 days, depending on the patient’s needs and unique physical characteristics. Fastbraces® brackets and wires are also made from ceramic that is designed to blend in with the surrounding teeth.

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Invisalign® is also famously discreet; however, this system uses a series of dental appliances to gradually move teeth through bone, repositioning them. These aligner trays are made from a smooth and clear BPA-free plastic. Each tray is worn for around 22 hours each day. After two weeks, the tray is exchanged for the next one in the series. Treatment time is comparable to braces. Dr. Kotecha’s patients appreciate the ease of straightening their teeth with Invisalign®, because the trays aren’t “fixed” to their teeth. They can be removed for brushing and flossing, and when eating meals, and they’re easy to keep clean.

You haven’t missed your chance at straighter teeth. More adults in Mississauga, ON are undergoing orthodontic treatment than ever before.

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