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Dental bridges are a cost-effective, efficient way to restore the look and health of your smile in Mississauga ON

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There are more options than ever before to replace missing teeth. One of the most well established procedures is a dental bridge. Bridges remain a popular option for tooth replacement even with the advent of dental implant-supported teeth due to their advantages over other procedures, which include:

  • Natural, highly aesthetic appearance
  • Predictable outcomes from treatment
  • Fewer risks than some replacement options that require surgery
  • Generally well-tolerated by many types of patients
  • More cost-effective
  • Less time-consuming way to replace teeth

In its most basic form, the dental bridge is made up of three units. One of the three units is the false tooth that will fill in the gap from the missing tooth. That prosthetic is supported by dental crowns on each side of the false tooth. The bridge is bonded to neighbouring teeth, and may be used to replace one, two, or three missing teeth in a row.

In order for adjacent teeth to support the new tooth, the crowns must be placed on both teeth. To make room for the crowns, these teeth must be slightly shaved down. This could mean the removal of a small amount of otherwise healthy tooth structure.

After the bridge is properly cemented in place, Dr. Kotecha and her team at Dentistry on 10 will walk you through ways to care for the bridge to keep this area of your mouth healthy.

With your new tooth bonded to adjacent teeth, you can’t clean in-between teeth. You have to clean underneath the bridge. Dr. Kotecha may recommend interdental brushes or a floss threader to make maintenance a breeze and to keep the new tooth and crowned teeth healthy. Generally, bridges last for at least a decade with proper care and can last as long as you do!

If you’re in Mississauga ON or the surrounding area, Dentistry on 10 can determine if a dental bridge is the best way to return your mouth to function and restore the look of your smile. Schedule a time to discuss this procedure and alternatives, such as dental implants, by calling (905) 455-9262.

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