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At Dentistry on 10, we concern ourselves with your comfort. Dr. Kotecha and her team also want to minimize your time in the dental chair. As such, we are proud to offer soft tissue treatments using the Picasso laser.

Dr.Kotecha's training hands on with Picasso laser

Many people are aware of the benefits of laser treatment for issues such as gum disease. With the Picasso, a number of soft tissue procedures have been improved. We may use our laser device to:
  • Address areas of infection in or around a root canal
  • Reshape gum tissue to lengthen the visible portion of a tooth (crown lengthening)
  • Remove infected, inflamed gum tissue
  • Perform biopsies
  • Comfortably reduce overgrown oral tissues
  • Remove attachments that limit the movement of the lips or tongue
  • Expose teeth that have only partially erupted
  • Improve comfort in cold sores or canker sores
Why choose laser treatment Dentistry has long had procedures to remove bacteria and disease from soft tissues. The development of laser devices has led to faster results, gentler technique, and optimal healing. Our Picasso laser makes incisions precisely with minimal trauma to oral tissue. Due to immediate coagulation with laser energy, treatments involve very little bleeding and less swelling.

The Picasso laser has been clinically tested and approved for the safe, comfortable treatment of soft tissue problems. Because lasers do not disrupt metal, our device is optimal for most of our patients, even those with existing restorations or dental implants. Because harmful bacteria do not have protective enzymes, their walls are quickly destroyed by laser energy, reducing the risk of future infection.

Picasso lasers are award-winning devices that we are pleased to have in our practice. Laser technology has been used in dentistry since the 1990s. Picasso devices by AMD lasers, however, have changed the way we treat numerous concerns. The use of lasers often eliminates the need for dental drills or scalpels. Most importantly, our skilled use of laser technology means optimal comfort during your dental treatments and optimal results from the care we provide.

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