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Mississauga area dentist describes Invisalign treatment

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Patients with misalignment in their dental arch and bite may be concerned that conventional metal bracket and wire braces are their only solution to achieving a more beautifully aligned smile. With improved technology, patients can now enjoy an alternative to traditional orthodontics by using Invisalign.

Invisalign is an orthodontic method used to reposition teeth to improve the alignment of the smile or the bite. The primary benefit of Invisalign orthodontics is the aligner tray system. This method allows patients to move their teeth into correct positions with gentle force by wearing custom aligner trays over their dental arch day and night. They are clear and discreet, allowing patients to show off their smile throughout treatment without the embarrassment of brackets and wires covering the natural teeth.

Invisalign is an effective and affordable method of orthodontics and can be used for patients with mild to moderate malocclusion. The process begins with an examination to determine if patients are appropriate candidates for this treatment, and x-rays may be taken to check for hidden concerns such as periodontal disease, loss of bone, or areas of tooth decay. Then, patients undergo a series of impressions, which are sent to the Invisalign laboratory for the fabrication of several aligner trays. The more severe the misalignment is, the more trays necessary for adjustment.

Once the Invisalign laboratory sends the series of trays to the dental office, patients come back to educate themselves on how to use and care for the trays. Compliance is essential for seeing the desired results with Invisalign. Patients are advised to wear their aligner trays day and night and only remove them for cleaning the teeth and tray, or for eating.

The amount of time necessary to obtain a beautiful smile will vary, depending on the severity of the malocclusion and the compliance of treatment by the patient. Most patients who undergo Invisalign treatment will see results in approximately one year and can maintain them with the regular use of a retainer. This ensures the teeth stay in their new positions and assists with managing the alignment of the new smile.

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