Root Canal Therapy in the Brampton, ON area may not be what you think

Root canal therapy is a form of dental treatment about which there are a number of misconceptions. Due to the myths that surround this procedure, most people have a negative impression about what really happens when root canal therapy is performed. The Dentistry on 10 team understands patients' concerns due to their impression of root canal therapy. Should the need arise for this extent of care, we take the time to calm anxieties by explaining the details of treatment that will take place in our office near Brampton, ON. It is our intention to providing ongoing care to help our patients avoid the degree of dental problems that may warrant root canal therapy and to help them face this procedure with confidence if and when it is necessary.

The myth about root canal therapy being painful likely began back in the time when anesthetics were just being introduced to dental care. Remember, at one time the barber was the same person who would care for people's teeth! Today, surveys show that six out of seven people who say that root canal therapy is painful have never had this procedure done.

Root canal therapy performed at Dentistry on 10 incorporates effective numbing medication as well as precision techniques that lead to a comfortable, efficient procedure. During treatment, most patients feel nothing more than a little pressure, very similar to tooth repair with a dental filling. After root canal therapy, there is only a slight chance for soreness to occur.

Why extraction is not the better option

In recent decades, there has been a movement in which patients question extraction as a way to remove infection. The removal of an infected tooth will, of course, eliminate the source of infection. It does not, however, facilitate the goal of dentistry, which is to preserve natural teeth. A consideration that must be made when thinking about extraction is how the missing tooth will be replaced. The root canal technique used today has a high success rate for long-term function.

Dr. Rina Kotecha has performed hundreds of root canal procedures with excellent results. End the pain of infection with a consultation for restorative care at Dentistry on 10.

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