Oral Cancer Screening

40,000 new cases in 2013. This increase is shown to have no correlation to patients who are regularly drinking alcohol, smoking, or using chewing tobacco, which causes an increased concern for earlier detection.

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Oral Cancer Screening Mississauga - Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer can be a concerning form of cancer. It is often not noticeable with just a visual examination. Some patients may have oral cancer and may not be aware of it. In the earlier stages, it often does not cause a patient pain or discomfort. This is why an annual oral cancer screening is so important.

Oral cancer screenings consist of both a visual examination and saliva tests. Patients who notice any unusual lesions or sores in their mouth that do not heal on their own within a week or two are encouraged to schedule an oral cancer screening and examination with Dr. Kotecha and her associates. This early detection of oral cancer provides patients with a 90% survival rate.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that oral cancer screenings begin at the age of 17. This is because of the increase of HPV viruses that can be easily spread with sexual contact and can increase a patient’s risk for oral cancer.

Early diagnosis of oral cancer is crucial for the treatment of the condition, and many patients can experience a full recovery when found and removed. This is why Dr. Kotecha and her associates stress the importance of seeing a dentist regularly. If cancer is found, these patients should continue to undergo annual oral cancer screenings to seek the best recovery and early diagnosis if the cancer reappears. Once a year during regular examinations, Dr. Kotecha and her associates of Dentistry On 10 complete a thorough, extensive oral cancer examination along with her routine x-rays and cleanings. This allows her to familiarize herself with a patient’s mouth and immediately notice any unusual changes that may be occurring that a patient is not aware of. Patients are encouraged to schedule an appointment if they notice anything unusual that may indicate an oral health concern.

Want to learn more about oral cancer screenings? Call Dentistry On 10 today to schedule an initial visit and screening with Dr. Kotecha and her associates of experienced, caring professionals.

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