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Functional orthodontics makes sense for some young children in the Mississauga area

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Understandably, a parent wants to get help right away for the child facing a problem. When it comes to the teeth, we give our children regular dental care and prompt treatment for problems like cavities. An area of dentistry that has been somewhat questionable in regards to early care is orthodontics.

At Dentistry on 10, Dr. Kotecha believes that functional orthodontics, in particular, can be an ideal treatment for young children who visit our Mississauga office. The early correction of bite and jaw problems during the years in which the jaw is still developing, in Dr. Kotecha’s view, gives the young patient the best chance at not only a healthy, attractive smile but also a better facial profile.

Orthodontic evaluations, when speaking of conventional orthodontics, are typically recommended for children as young as seven. Functional orthodontics, however, will follow the developing jaw much earlier, sometimes as young as age four. At this time, issues such as mouth breathing, thumb-sucking, and narrow jaws are already evident. Additional problems may also exist but have not yet been attributed to the jaw.

Many older children and adults experience chronic problems such as hyperactivity, ADHD, dizziness, head, neck, or face pain, earaches, sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, and more, requiring some type of medical or dental care. What many parents have found is that their child’s symptoms disappear when the jaw is encouraged to develop in the most functional way.

Waiting until all permanent teeth have entered the mouth often leads to the need for extractions. With early care with functional orthodontics, we find that many children are able to straighten teeth without extractions. Completing the entirety of orthodontic care in stages, beginning at a young age, includes improving the functionality of the jaw (and subsequently the entire oral structure) and then, once all permanent teeth have erupted, straightening with braces.

The face of orthodontics has changed for the better. Learn how functional orthodontics can improve your child’s oral health and entire facial aesthetic for life. Call Dentistry on 10 at (905) 455-9262.

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