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Are you ready for cosmetic dentistry services in Mississauga ON?

First impressions often begin with a smile. It is with our smiles that we convey happiness, intelligence, warmth, and confidence. As a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry solutions, Dr. Kotecha believes that every one of her patients deserves the opportunity to have a smile they love. Putting your best foot forward often begins with the smile. If teeth are stained, uneven, broken, or missing, you may be causing a poor impression. Cosmetic dentistry services can help you have a healthy, beautiful looking smile.

Making the decision to receive cosmetic dentistry services is the first step on your journey, but also leaves many patients wondering what comes next. Before coming to a decision on which dental services are right for you, it’s important to take a step back and think about the look you are trying to achieve. Make note of the issues you want to see addressed. If you have teeth that aren’t as white as you would like, write it down. Make note of any gaps or crooked teeth that you would like to correct. All of this information will help tremendously in the design process. While your dentist and the rest of the staff are the team that help you get to your new look, you are in the driver’s seat.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Kotecha will sit down with you to discuss your needs, concerns, and desires. From there, she will perform a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums. In addition to looking at the concerns, the dentist will also be checking the health of the mouth. Any issues with decay or disease will need to be addressed prior to receiving cosmetic services.

Once the evaluation is complete, Dr. Kotecha will come up with suggestions for a treatment plan that will help you realize your desired look. We always recommend services that will enhance the smile, but leave your smile looking natural-looking.

Some examples of treatment options may be whitening services to remove discoloration and staining, implants or dentures to replace missing teeth, or porcelain veneers to adjust the size, shape, or length of certain teeth. If you are in the Mississauga, ON area and are ready to schedule your consultation, contact us today.

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So, a couple of nights ago, I was having horrible toothaches was keeping me up all night. I called dentistry at 10 and they were able to get me an appointment right away. I saw Doctor Rena and she’s super professional. Fixed my cavity right away and I haven’t had a problem ever since. I had a great experience. The dentist was great. The location is nearby. I can’t recommend it enough.

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Dr. Rina Kotecha is a graduate of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. She possesses 19 years of expertise in the dentistry field specializing in general dentistry. She has further qualifications from the MGE Executive Training Program and Master Implant Training Program while holding certification in Soft Tissue Management Program by DenMat. She completed the Rondeau Seminars in Level I Orthodontics and she is an active member of the Ontario Dental Association and Ontario Dental Implant Network.