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A Dentist for Wisdom Teeth Removal Shares Tips for Post-surgery Care

Wisdom teeth are the last set to erupt in your mouth. Since they are common for persons aged between 17 and 21, wisdom teeth are likely to cause problems because there isn’t enough room for them. These latecomers may pressure other healthy teeth, resulting in pain and shifting. Although you can live a healthy life with wisdom teeth, removing them is always an excellent idea because you never know when they will brew trouble. 

Dentist for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mississauga Area

Are you looking for an experienced dentist for wisdom teeth removal in Mississauga, Ontario? You are in the right place. Although wisdom teeth removal qualifies as a surgical procedure, it’s safely performed at Dentistry on 10 under the guidance of Dr. Rina Kotecha. Whether it’s before, during, or after the procedure, we offer gentle dental care to maximize your comfort.

Tips for a speedy recovery after wisdom teeth removal

If you are young or lucky enough not to have been troubled by wisdom teeth, you may not know what an impacted wisdom tooth entails. Impaction occurs when your wisdom tooth becomes trapped underneath the gum line. Instead of growing upwards like other teeth, the wisdom tooth grows at an extreme angle or fails to erupt completely. When this happens, you need surgery to remove the impacted wisdom tooth. 

While careful planning is vital during wisdom tooth surgery, post-surgery care is critical to ensure a speedy, complication-free recovery. Dr. Kotecha shares handy tips to ensure an event-free recovery after wisdom tooth removal.

  • Medication: Like any other surgery, you may experience pain, bruising, and swelling after wisdom tooth extraction, but they are manageable with medication. We usually recommend pain relievers and antibiotics to manage your symptoms. Always take your medication as instructed
  • Rest: Avoid strenuous activities for about five days after surgery to avoid disturbing the surgical site
  • Eat soft foods: When hunger pangs strike, we recommend foods that don’t require much chewing. Consider soup, broth, smoothies, yogurt, etc., to avoid interfering with the clots and stitches
  • Optimal dental care: Observe diligent dental care to avoid infections at the surgical site. However, be careful to avoid dislodging the clots at the surgical site. Brush your teeth as you usually do, but be careful around the wound. Always rinse your mouth with warm, salty water
  • Recognize signs of trouble: Watch out for undesirable symptoms, such as increased pain, fever, continuous bleeding, pus, and increased swelling. If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact our dental team

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Hi, my name is Naren. I have been coming to dentistry on 10 for at least five years, probably a lot longer than that. I first heard about Doctor Rena, through a friend of mine who was my roommate back in college and the, the, thing that attracted me to her right off the bat is she went to Harvard of course, you know Harvard is one of the top schools in the world, so you know studying at Harvard and Learning dentistry Harvard, I’ve never met anybody who went to Harvard, so that was the number one thing. But when I came here, it’s not the Harvard that I ended up staying here for. It’s because she’s a very caring person and she has a team that really is caring. So, for example, you know I, I, have some health conditions and you know taking care of my gums is really, really, important and I’m like not that good at taking care of myself. So you know she just, just, stuck with me, just kept at me and, you know, just taught me things and talk to me about things and you know. And when I did, you know, kind of mess up and you know, get gum disease again. You know she you know, stuck with me. So, like for me personally, I know people come for dentistry for lots of reasons, some people you know, care about their smile and things like that. For me personally, it’s the health because I have a history of health issues in my family and I know the importance of, you know, taking care of your gums and you overall mouth and health so I would strongly recommend Doctor Rena if you really care about your health. If you really want somebody who’s not just trying to, you know, give you things you don’t need, but really, who’s trying to focus on what’s good for you, helping you achieve your goals. She’s very caring, very, very patient, very, very, gentle and, and, she’s there for you. So, it’s almost like having a partner in health who’s working with you to make your life better. So, we all need it, and especially as we get older when we are in our 40s and 50s, we need to take care of our health and without doctor Rena I don’t think I would have the comes I have and I don’t think I would be working on my health. Thank you very much Doctor Rena and I would, absolutely without a hesitation, recommend anybody and my entire family comes here as well as my two kids and My wife. So, thank you for being an amazing dentist and thank you for caring about people who live in the neighbourhood and their health.

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