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Innovative dental treatment straightens teeth without braces for beautiful smiles in Mississauga

For many people, the idea of orthodontics creates images of awkward teenage years. In adulthood, we do not wish to revisit this stage of life. Fortunately, patients of dentists like Dr. Rina Kotecha can obtain dental treatment that straightens teeth without braces as we have known them for decades. In our Mississauga dental office, teeth straightening is conducted in a way that is comfortable for teens and adults of all ages. In fact, up to 25 percent of orthodontic patients today are adults thanks to the discreet nature of orthodontic aligners.

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The concept behind orthodontic aligners is as straightforward as completing this comfortable treatment. Based on the orthodontic principles that teeth are gradually moved through gentle pressure, aligners are designed to fit over teeth, applying gentle force in the direction they are intended to go. The force of aligners is gentle and consistent, achieving results that can be seen through every stage of the process.

Aligner orthodontics have no brackets or wires, nor do aligners require “tightening.” The planning process involves the fabrication of a series of aligner trays, each of which will be worn for about two weeks before changing to the next.

The clear benefit of straightening teeth without braces is comfort. The comfort that comes from aligner teeth straightening is both physical and emotional. There is no need to feel embarrassed when you speak or smile, nor is there the need to give up any type of food. Aligners are not affixed to teeth. They are designed to be removable to facilitate comfortable eating and effective hygiene practice. The lightweight, BPA-free trays are smooth and clear for total comfort.

Is it really possible to straighten teeth without braces? Yes. Dr. Rina Kotecha has helped hundreds of patients achieve better oral health and more attractive smiles by correcting misalignment with orthodontic aligners. The technology on which this form of treatment is based is detailed and reliable. Aligners are designed using sophisticated software and 3-dimensional imaging, which allows us to see the predicted results before treatment begins.

A beautiful smile can be one of your most valuable assets. Improve your appearance, your oral health, and your confidence by correcting misalignment comfortably. Call Dentistry on 10 to learn more about orthodontic treatment.

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