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Dental bridges in Mississauga achieve a number of goals

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Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that tooth loss ends with childhood. The loss of a permanent tooth is certainly not as exciting as losing a baby tooth, nor is it a minor incident. Tooth loss for the adult can have a variety of implications, threatening both oral health and the attractiveness of the smile. Tooth replacement is recommended for a number of reasons, and dental bridges are chosen by many in the Mississauga area even with the availability of dental implants.

With a well-made dental bridge, we can:

  • Restore an attractive smile
  • Rebuild structure to support healthy chewing and clear speech
  • Provide support for the lips and cheeks
  • Prevent undue stress on teeth and the jaw by ensuring the even distribution of bite force
  • Prevent the movement of teeth surrounding the empty space

The dental bridge has a number of designs, though the type of bridge most people are familiar with is the fixed bridge. This type of bridge is affixed to the teeth that sit on each side of the gap. The benefit of the fixed bridge is stability. The disadvantage of this type of treatment is that the teeth that stabilize the bridge must be altered in order to be covered with dental crowns. In the fixed bridge structure, the artificial tooth is fused between two crowns. When the crowns are fitted onto adjacent teeth, the artificial tooth remains stable in the gap.

Replacing a missing tooth or teeth with a dental bridge involves two focused dental visits, one during which the teeth are shaped for crowns and another for the placement of the bridge. On the first visit, impressions will be taken after the alteration of anchor teeth. The model of these teeth will guide the design of the bridge to maintain a healthy bite. At this appointment, a temporary bridge is put into place to remain until the final restoration is affixed.

Dental bridges have a long record of success. This type of restoration, with good care, has the potential to last for ten years or more. If you live in the Mississauga area and have experienced tooth loss, Dr. Rina Kotecha has the skill and the experience to restore your smile to its healthiest state. In our office, you can determine the type of tooth replacement that is right for you.

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