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Benefits of visiting a dentist in Mississauga that provides children’s dental care

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At Dentistry on 10, we believe everyone can enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile-including children. Dr. Kotecha provides patients of all ages with the dental care they need to maintain good oral health and enjoy a lifetime of beauty. She provides children’s dental care to individuals in the Mississauga area and is committed to helping young children begin their journey to a healthy smile with the care of the devoted dental team at Dentistry on 10.

Dr. Kotecha and her team help children of all ages learn how to care for their smile. Educating children on the importance of oral health at an early age is essential. The earlier children become familiar with their dental team and the benefits of taking care of the smile, the more likely it is that they will enjoy their natural teeth for their entire lifetime.

There are several benefits to visiting Dentistry on 10 for the needs of children. Our practice provides a variety of services to our younger patients, including sealants, fluoride treatments, and professional cleanings. We monitor the development of their mouths and notify parents of further needs such as orthodontic treatment to realign adult teeth or misaligned bite. We also educate children on the way to care for their smile with brushing, flossing, and regular visits to
Dr. Kotecha.

We offer a special program through our practice called the Cavity Free Kids Club. When children come in for their biannual visit and are free from cavities, they will receive a special reward and a certificate of membership. This is a great way for parents to stress the importance of good oral care with their children and urge them to brush, floss, and visit the dentist regularly.

If you are a parent located in the Mississauga, Ontario area and you are considering the benefits of a family dental center contact Dentistry on 10 today to schedule a consultation with our team and learn about the ways in which our staff can help you and your children enjoy the benefits of quality dental health care.

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