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Mississauga dentist strives to be a partner in good oral health

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The Canadian Dental Association reports there are more than 2,500 dentists practicing in metro Toronto alone. General practitioners and specialists alike must attain advanced training to be a dentist in Mississauga, graduating from an accredited dental program and successfully completing the certification process for licensure. 

Dentistry on 10 takes great pride in the advanced knowledge and compassion of their dental team. They work to build trusted relationships with patients and their family members. Dr. Kotecha and her team understand accidents are unexpected, but wherever possible they take a proactive rather than a reactive approach. The best dentistry is no dental treatment; it is a partnership between you and your dentist. 

Six month exams and cleanings are “standard,” but it’s important to follow Dr. Kotecha’s recommendations. She may schedule follow-up appointments more frequently, depending on your oral health needs. Those needs evolve, and can depend on factors such as:

  • How often and how wellyou brush and floss
  • Tobacco use and other habits that are harmful to your health
  • Your medical history and overall health status

Dentists see the links between conditions such as advanced gum disease and poorly-controlled diabetes in their patients. Since Dentistry on 10 also sees generations of families as patients, they are aware of genetic predispositions these family members may have. Ongoing preventive visits will be customised with these considerations in mind, knowing that gum disease and aggressive periodontitis has a familial component. 

Nutrition also plays a big role in how often you may need to visit Dentistry on 10’s Mississauga office. Your teeth are dramatically affected by what you eat and drink. A serious sweet tooth or starch-heavy diet is a recipe for tooth decay and gum disease, as damaging plaque-producing bacteria thrive on sugars and starches. 

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