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Root Canal Therapy in the Brampton, ON area may not be what you think

Root canal therapy is a form of dental treatment about which there are a number of misconceptions. Due to the myths that surround this procedure, most people have a negative impression about what really happens when root canal therapy is performed. The Dentistry on 10 team understands patients’ concerns due to their impression of root canal therapy. Should the need arise for this extent of care, we take the time to calm anxieties by explaining the details of treatment that will take place in our office near Brampton, ON. It is our intention to providing ongoing care to help our … Continue reading

Dentist in Port Credit offers treatment to restore damaged, decayed root canals as alternative to extractions

Severely decayed or highly fractured teeth that couldn’t be saved even a few short years ago can now be restored with root canal therapy. While this type of treatment is commonly known as a “root canal,” this term actually refers to the innermost part of the tooth. This chamber contains the soft pulp tissue and a system of nerves and blood vessels that nurture the tooth. When the root canal becomes infected, therapy may be needed to bring the tooth back to function and to get you out of discomfort. In fact, it may be the only way to avoid … Continue reading

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