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Orthodontic Services from your Family Dentist

You are looking at the mirror, and you don’t like the alignment of your teeth. You wish your smile were a bit straighter to complement your beautiful face. You’ve thought about orthodontic treatment, but the idea of train track braces puts you off. Does this sound like you? Your dream of a straight, healthy smile is now possible without conventional braces. Innovative dental offices like Dentistry on 10 in Mississauga, Ontario, use Invisalign — a braceless method to straighten your smile with comfort, speed, and convenience.  What to expect with Invisalign Traditional braces straighten your teeth by using wire-connected brackets … Continue reading

Orthodontic Options for a Beautiful Smile

You can’t always help having crooked teeth, especially if the problem is hereditary. Fortunately, you can take measures to revamp your smile through orthodontic treatment. At Dentistry On 10 in Mississauga, it’s never too late to obtain the smile of your dreams. We offer orthodontic care for preteens, teens, and adults who want straighter, healthier, more attractive teeth. Our orthodontic procedures can correct all kinds of alignment, gap, and bite issues to give you a smile you’re happy with. Orthodontic Options Modern orthodontics has something for everyone when it comes to improving the health and appearance of your teeth. After a … Continue reading

Innovative dental treatment straightens teeth without braces for beautiful smiles in Mississauga

For many people, the idea of orthodontics creates images of awkward teenage years. In adulthood, we do not wish to revisit this stage of life. Fortunately, patients of dentists like Dr. Rina Kotecha can obtain dental treatment that straightens teeth without braces as we have known them for decades. In our Mississauga dental office, teeth straightening is conducted in a way that is comfortable for teens and adults of all ages. In fact, up to 25 percent of orthodontic patients today are adults thanks to the discreet nature of orthodontic aligners. The concept behind orthodontic aligners is as straightforward as … Continue reading

It’s possible to achieve the best results with convenient orthodontics from your dentist near Port Credit

For most of us, our level of confidence and satisfaction is affected by how we look. The smile, in particular, is important. We cannot fully hide our teeth when we smile and speak. For this reason, problems in the smile can keep us from feeling our best. Although numerous options for orthodontics exist, many in the Port Credit area visit Dentistry on 10 for convenient, comfortable Invisalign. Invisalign has become one of the most popular alternatives to traditional braces, even those that include tooth-colored brackets and wires. Not only does Invisalign have no color whatsoever, this system also has no … Continue reading

Functional orthodontics makes sense for some young children in the Mississauga area

Understandably, a parent wants to get help right away for the child facing a problem. When it comes to the teeth, we give our children regular dental care and prompt treatment for problems like cavities. An area of dentistry that has been somewhat questionable in regards to early care is orthodontics. At Dentistry on 10, Dr. Kotecha believes that functional orthodontics, in particular, can be an ideal treatment for young children who visit our Mississauga office. The early correction of bite and jaw problems during the years in which the jaw is still developing, in Dr. Kotecha’s view, gives the … Continue reading

Why an orthodontist may recommend specific care for young children in the Mississauga ON area

Braces are orthodontic treatment intended to move teeth into their rightful place. This type of care typically begins sometime just before or during the teenage years. Thanks to innovative developments like Invisalign, there is now a high percentage of adult orthodontic patients. One of the things we have yet to see offered by every orthodontist is treatment for young children. Dr. Kotecha’s Mississauga, ON dental practice is an exception. When it comes to correcting the placement of teeth, Dr. Kotecha also finds it important to address potential abnormalities in the structure of the jaw as a whole. If teeth are … Continue reading

Your child can experience the benefits of functional orthodontics with dentist near Brampton, ON

Traditional orthodontic treatment is something that most people in our country are familiar with. There is no surprise when we see a teen flashing a silvery grin, or even the occasional adult. What would be shocking, however, would be to see a young child undergoing orthodontic care. If we were limiting ourselves to the discussion of traditional braces, this would be true. There are tremendous benefits, however, to early care with functional orthodontics. In the Brampton, ON area is an experienced dentist offering just this type of care. How functional orthodontics differ from traditional treatment The difference between functional orthodontics … Continue reading

Mississauga dentist explains how you are never too old to correct crooked teeth with adult braces

While Dentistry on 10 generally recommends all children’s teeth be evaluated for orthodontic treatment by age 7, straightening appliances and treatments are certainly not limited to kids. In fact, the Canadian Dental Association reports more adults are having orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance and health of their smiles. Wearing orthodontic treatments today has never been for adults. There is no fear over the “metal brace face” that may be associated with straightening methods from your childhood. Modern technologies such as Invisalign are made from a clear plastic, so no one can see your dental appliance. Invisalign also fits seamlessly … Continue reading

Mississauga dentist delivers treatment for range of problems without referring you to an Orthodontist

When you think about treatments that require the expertise of a Mississauga orthodontist, you might be surprised to learn that many of those services are available from your dentist, Dr. Kotecha can treat: Teeth spacing and alignment issuesProblems with bite You may have been born with gaps between your teeth or crowded teeth. These conditions can also develop over time, due to early childhood habits, disease, or even as part of age-related changes. Your bite relates to the way the teeth come together when you close your mouth. For your mouth to function as it should, you need to have … Continue reading

Mississauga ON families access orthodontics care for alignment of teeth at kid-friendly clinic

It’s estimated as many as 70 percent of kids get braces by the time they turn 18. Children’s jaws may be too small to accommodate teeth. This mismatch results in crowding that may be resolved with orthodontics at a clinic you can trust in Mississauga ON for alignment of teeth: Dentistry on 10. Cause and effect As the most common chronic childhood condition, tooth decay affects more kids than asthma, diabetes, or obesity. Dental disease causes teeth to shift progressively. Before Dentistry on 10 moves forward with orthodontic treatment existing disease must be cleared up. Braces only treat potential symptoms. … Continue reading

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