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Importance of Extracting Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If the thought of tooth extraction has your stomach in knots, take heart. You’re not alone. Many people have a misconception about tooth extraction, particularly when it comes to removing wisdom teeth. Contrary to popular opinion, however, wisdom teeth removal is not a complicated, painful treatment. This dental procedure is performed under anesthesia, so patients feel no pain or discomfort during their treatment. If your wisdom teeth are causing problems due to being impacted, you can come to Dentistry On 10 in Mississauga, Ontario, for safe, pain-free wisdom teeth extraction services.  Risks of Impacted Wisdom Teeth Wisdom teeth are often referred to … Continue reading

Healing from dental extractions: Instructions for patients in Port Credit area

No one wants to have a tooth extracted, but sometimes it is necessary for the health of your mouth and body. Patients throughout the Port Credit area trust Dr. Rina Kotecha for the gentlest extractions, and the best advice for fast recovery. Here she shares tips for healing following a dental extraction.Do’s: If Dr. Rina prescribes pain medication or over-the-counter analgesics, start taking them as soon as your appointment is over. It is easier to prevent discomfort than to make it go away. Remember that it is typical for the area to be tender for a few days.Maintain firm pressure … Continue reading

Patients in Port Credit area avoid complications with wisdom teeth extractions

Pulling a tooth is a virtually routine procedure for the dentist. However, Dr. Rina Kotecha understands that it is a bit more stressful on the other side of the chair. She shares this information to help patients throughout the Port Credit area avoid potential complications from wisdom teeth extractions. What could go wrong? Dr. Rina is well trained and experienced in wisdom teeth extractions, so postoperative recovery is generally nothing to worry about. However, there is some chance of a condition called dry socket. A blood clot should form naturally at the site of the extracted tooth. If that clot … Continue reading

What are the facts, Mississauga asks, about tooth removal

The concept is simple – removal of a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. However, there is a little more to the procedure than that. Dr. Rina Kotecha, the dentist Mississauga families trust for reliable information and advice, shares these facts about tooth removal. Purpose of tooth removal Millions of teeth are extracted each year for reasons such as: To make space in a crowded bite.To aid in the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment.To removed badly decayed teeth.To eliminate problematic wisdom teeth. Sadly, extractions are sometimes requested for economic reasons. Dr. Rina believes that every patient deserves a healthy … Continue reading

Understanding tooth extraction for dentures in Mississauga

Full dentures are for individuals with no natural teeth. The unspoken assumption is that teeth were lost before dentures were designed. The truth is that there are many times when tooth extraction coincides with denture treatment. Some in the Mississauga area can plan tooth replacement with dentures immediately following extraction of remaining natural teeth. The goal with care is to provide a comfortable process that promotes healing and restored function. Often, healing is aided by specific steps taken after teeth are removed. Following tooth extraction, the use of tobacco should cease for at least a few weeks. The harsh chemicals … Continue reading

Restore health and comfort with Mississauga tooth extraction

Extractions are a last resort, a damaged, diseased, or infected tooth that is restored to healthy function is always better than a missing tooth. In turn, Mississauga tooth extraction at Dentistry on 10 includes a consultation to determine the best tooth replacement for you. The sooner the tooth is replaced, the better the odds of avoiding the complications of missing teeth. While a tooth doesn’t have to be replaced in every case when the following conditions arise, it is a possibility in all scenarios. In the capable, gentle hands of Dr. Rina Kotecha and her team, there is no reason … Continue reading

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Hello, my name is Olga and this is my husband Alex. We know Doctor Rina since 2013, it’s over the more than five years and all the time, we feel very welcome at her office and we like we very love her job. She does for us for our teeth and all the time when we need some fillings, it’s perfect and if we need to clean our teeth they are very nice as well. They clean it perfectly and Janet is a very good young lady who does her job just marvellous. You’re going to love her and okay, I had a problem with fillings as well and they look very nice and stable. Nothing falling out and Alex had problem with his kids as well and all of them are fixed. We are happy to be here and we recommend Doctor Rena to everyone who has any problem with their teeth because everything going to be fixed. Don’t be scared guys come and visit this beautiful office. 

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