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Tailored smile makeovers for patients in Oakville area

Today we see all sorts of makeovers. People are transforming their homes, yards, websites, wardrobes, hair, and makeup. With Google, YouTube, and a host of DIY shows on television, it’s easy to find a new design that suits your needs. Your smile is a little different though. It is far too valuable to trust to a cookie-cutter makeover. At Dentistry on 10, Dr. Rina Kotecha designs individualized smile makeovers that flatter every aspect of your face. Patients throughout the Oakville area are enjoying the confidence boost of these renewed smiles. What is a smile makeover? A smile makeover is a … Continue reading

Determining the value of cosmetic dentistry in Mississauga based on cost and reviews

How do you place a price on the confidence to smile broadly at a job interview or class reunion? Can you show the worth of self-esteem into dollars and cents? Is it possible to assess the impact of an attractive smile on your love life or business success? Probably not, but modern cosmetic dentistry delivers all of those benefits. There are two important points to consider in determining the value of cosmetic dentistry – the cost, and what other people have to say about it (consumer reviews). Dr. Rina Kotecha believes that you deserve the smile of your dreams. She … Continue reading

Patients in the L5G 3H7 area deserve options in cosmetic dentistry

The human face has more than a dozen distinct features that contribute to an attractive appearance. There are virtually unlimited combinations of these features, rendering every face totally unique. The smile plays an important role, either complementing or detracting from the allure of facial traits like coloring, symmetry, and eyes. Unfortunately, we don’t all have smiles that balance well with other characteristics. Dr. Rina Kotecha believes that every patient in the L5G 3H7 area deserves a customized approach to smile enhancement. She provides a range of cosmetic treatments at Dentistry on 10. Designing your smile makeover Dr. Rina understands that … Continue reading

Which dentist near Mississauga provides cosmetic dentistry with Invisalign?

So, you live in or near the beautiful city of Mississauga. Your teeth are healthy, but you just aren’t satisfied with the alignment. Maybe you have some spaces or overlaps, or teeth that are twisted. You’ve heard that there is a cosmetic dentistry alternative to traditional orthodontics with brackets and wires, but you don’t know which dentist in the area offers it. Your search is over. The straightening system is called Invisalign, and Dr. Rina Kotecha at Dentistry on 10 is using it to straighten smiles throughout the Mississauga area. Why Invisalign is clearly an aesthetic choice While it can … Continue reading

Improve your self-image with treatment from your Mississauga cosmetic dentist

Self-image is something we all have. It is the way that we perceive ourselves based on the sum of our personality, traits, abilities, and appearance. Self-image may sound vain, but it actually has a large role in our overall quality of life, affecting us both professionally and personally. This aspect of our being impacts how we interact and how we develop as individuals. Dr. Rina Kotecha is a Mississauga cosmetic dentist who understands the immense effect the smile has on her patient’s wellbeing. She is happy to provide outstanding care to achieve beautifully natural smiles. Appearance really does matter Of … Continue reading

Your cosmetic dentist near Port Credit combines artistry with technical skills to achieve genuine beauty

Our reflection is one of the driving factors in our overall sense of self. Desiring a bright, attractive smile does not make one vain, it is a natural tendency to enjoy beauty. When beauty is reflected back at us from our smile, we feel happier and more confident in ourselves. On the other hand, discoloration, cracks, gaps, and other cosmetic flaws in the teeth can significantly reduce one’s desire to show his or her smile at all. Imagine how you might feel if you loved the appearance of your smile. When you team with your experienced cosmetic dentist near Port … Continue reading

Cosmetic dentistry creates stunning Port Credit smiles

There is amazing power in an attractive smile. Without a word, we each have the potential to brighten another person’s day. Through our smile, we can convey amusement, joy, gratitude, and much more. When cosmetic flaws like discoloration keep you from smiling, your power to affect other’s lives, and your own, is diminished. A smile with gaps, chips, cracks, overcrowding, or discoloration sends messages just as easily as does an attractive smile. What people perceive from a flawed smile, however, is far different from what they see in one that is attractive. Teeth that are dull or in poor condition … Continue reading

Mississauga area dentist explains cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more popular in the Mississauga area thanks to dental facilities such as Dentistry on 10. Our state-of-the-art practice provides a variety of cosmetic solutions for dental concerns, and many patients enjoy the benefits of: Orthodontic servicesBridges and crownsDental veneersDental implantsDenturesComposite bondingTooth-colored fillingsTeeth whitening When patients are unhappy with the appearance of their smiles, they may become embarrassed or experience lowered self-confidence. When this occurs, it can have a physical and emotional effect on their wellbeing. Patients who are ready to take charge of their smile often turn to a dental professional to learn more about the … Continue reading

Dentist in Mississauga offers a variety of cosmetic dental services

The beauty of the smile can be dramatically affected by one or more aesthetic concerns. Some patients may struggle with the results of a lost tooth, while others may be unhappy with the permanent discoloration they are experiencing. Many patients who visit Dentistry on 10 in Mississauga have cosmetic concerns and may benefit from a variety of aesthetic dental services. Cosmetic dental services provide patients with methods of improving their smile in a natural and beautiful manner. Our team of experts believes that an artistic eye and quality training and experience are necessary for assisting patients with cosmetic dental work. … Continue reading

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Hello, my name is Olga and this is my husband Alex. We know Doctor Rina since 2013, it’s over the more than five years and all the time, we feel very welcome at her office and we like we very love her job. She does for us for our teeth and all the time when we need some fillings, it’s perfect and if we need to clean our teeth they are very nice as well. They clean it perfectly and Janet is a very good young lady who does her job just marvellous. You’re going to love her and okay, I had a problem with fillings as well and they look very nice and stable. Nothing falling out and Alex had problem with his kids as well and all of them are fixed. We are happy to be here and we recommend Doctor Rena to everyone who has any problem with their teeth because everything going to be fixed. Don’t be scared guys come and visit this beautiful office. 

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